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17 January 2020

2020 – The Year of Gasser Helicopter!

Hello Gasser Lovers. Our small Community decided that the year 2020 will be the Gassers Year!

I can not be more happy about that and to be honnest i feel a bit responsible for this act.

2020 – The Year of Gasser Helicopter!

As a Hobbyist and an Engineer i want to see better days comming to our Hobby and more people appreciete the Gassers. Personally i will do my best for that.
I want to let to know that i am glad for all this support that i receved the past years that helped me to continue work with a non-stop Passion.

Years ago was not easy for someone to release a gasser conversion kit due the lack of investment, little trust from the Original Manufactures and very small demand of the hobbyists for gasser helicopters, but these days all seems to be better. More and more Gasser models are flying around the world.

The rest of the content is on blackoutmods.com