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19 November 2019

The first two Airbus H145M arrive to the HuAF
Hungary introduces Airbus helicopters beside the Mil fleet

LHSN.HU reported: Hungary purchased twenty brand new Airbus H-145M light multi purpose utility helicopters to extend the existing Mil Mi-8/17 fleet. The expansion is part of the Zrínyi 2026 defence and army development programme.

The purpose of these helicopters is replacing the old and aging Russian Mil helicopters. The first two Airbus helicopters (Eurocopters formerly) will be followed by two others this year, then 12 will arrive in 2020, the remaining 4 will be delivered in 2021 from the Airbus unit in Donauwörth. In addition these helicopters, the Hungary has purchased further H-225 helicopters for its Air Force which will be delivered in 2023 and afterwards.

In the meantime, the crews will be trained to serve on the new type, alongside operating the existing Mil Mi 8/17 and Mi-24 helicopters, which all underwent major revision and repair recently to extend the service times.

As it was planned, the new helicopters landed at Büdaörs Airport (LHBS), where two Mil Mi-24P carrying the reception committee led by Brigadier General József Koller, the commander of the MH 86 Szolnok Helicopter Base. 

The reception committee welcomed warmly Lieutenant-Colonel Zsolt Simon and Major Attila Dajka arriving with the new helicopters, the German Airbus pilots, and the Hungarian team.

This helicopter category is new in the Hungarian Air Force as light multi purpose helicopters have never been operated in the Air Force so far. The helicopters are applicable as EMS, carrier and aerial fire supporter units as well. 

The service ceiling of these helicopters is 6000 metres (~20,000 feet) with carrying 10 people on board or lifting different payloads externally. The maximum speed is just under 300 km/h (186 mph or 162 kts). 

After a short demonstration flight over Budapest the two helicopters have landed at Budaörs Airport (LHBS) again, then joined to the two Mil Mi-24P helicopters in formation. The formation has flown to the MH 86 Szolnok Helicopter Base where the new helicopters will operate from.

The temporary German flags and registrations will be removed from the helicopters as well as the ceremonial coloured logos. The low visibility symbols and army registration will only remain on the helicopters.

Original article on LHSN.hu (in Hungarian)

The first two Airbus H145M arrive to the HuAF