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16 October 2019

Mil and Kamov in one company
Two russian helicopter giants to be in union

The Russian Helicopters holding merge the two oldest - and probably most famous - helicopter company into a single one. The new company will be Nattional Helicopter development Centre - NHC.

Mil and Kamov in one company
Illustration, a test version of the Mi-28NM Havoc / Source: Southfront

This is due to an assumed pressure from higher levels, and the rationalisation of the Russian helicopter industry is being in progress  - reported by the airportal.hu.

According to the Rostec mammoth holding wcich controls the Russian Helicopter Holding, the rationalisation is equivalent with centralisation. This process is planned as a 3-year-long period.

After the new set up, the companies will keep the names, therefore Kamov and Mil helicopters will be produced in the future as well, however, it's planned to stop the parallel projects, when the purpose is the same, the implementation is different, requiring divided infrastructure.

For example the Mil Mi-28 and the Kamov KA-52 were designed by similar requirements for the same roles. Both of them are able to carry various weapons, provides support for ground forces and applicable against armoured vehicles even, however the Ka-52 is applicable  from carrier ships as well due to its dimensions, whilst the parallel application at ground armies don't extend the capabilities significantly, however it increases the costs.

This is why all helicopters designed for marine applications will run under the name of Kamov in the future, and helicopter for ground troops will run under the name of Mil. Many components will be shared between the two brands to make the maintenance cheaper.