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07 March 2019

Rotor Live 2019
This weekend

Rotor Live is here. It will be held this weekend in Germany. Attending people are about to arrive. Quick brief about what to expect in general and from us in the following days.

This is the 10th Rotor Live, and this is never boring for enthusiasts, but this year there will be many things to see. Heli-Professional, Mikado, SAB, XLPower, SpinBlades, Egodrift, Vario, Freakware, Miniature Aircraft and so on, many companyies are represented, as well as many more pilots. Nick Maxwell, Henrick Claussen, Mirko Cesena, Robin Lipke, Dunkan Boisson, Yan Müller, Eric Weber, Kan Poonnoi, Marius Gehle, Fabian Kloss, Tim Vöge, Sakkarin Konghton, Rasmus Jakobson, Lukas Bißlich, Marki Wiehenstroch, Kevin Liskam, Raquel Bellot and Tareq Alsaadi are all attending and flying there. Well there is something to watch for everyone.

Performance models, scale models, technologies, components, everything helicopter related will be shown to us, it can be declared, the event is exciting indeed. And let's not forget about SAB Goblin Kraken which will be introduced to the public there first time ever.

But all of you can't attend sadly, therefore we are going to report from the venue time by time with live videos, news and of course photos as well. Stay tuned and follow us on

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Stay tuned