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16 June 2018

Live from Helifest
lots of happening now

Helifest is great, even in this not so nice weather. Actually there is a shower sometimes, but pilots don't give up, someon is flying always. At this moment two nitro helis in the air. We could watch many amaizing performances recently, like a nitro dual flight, Callum Henson, Dave Fisher, Maria Pavlou and so on. There were two smaller crashes as well unfortunately in the last one hour.

Live from Helifest
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Reporting is tried as many times as we can, however the net connection is not too good at the location, therefore the original plan of live videos had to be reviewed. We will try it, but nothing is guaranteed at the moment.

In the last two hours there was a Spitfire show, demos and fun fly as well. Contests were held in the morning, results will be published here soon. A full report of the day with some videos and photos will be also published in the evening / night.

Live from Helifest