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16 June 2018

First day is over
Amazing Saturday ending

First day of Helifest was over at 5PM officially this afternoon, but many pilots remained there to fly or to chat. The weather wasn't that bad as we expected, fortunately more serious rain was missed out. Few showers made the day less enjoyable, and gusty winds caused some inconvenient moments.

First day is over

Most important parts of the day were the competitions. 

Sport Class Saturday Results

The sport class hasn't ended up in paper form. Four of eleven pilots couldn't fly valued. Remaining six achieved the following results. Summer Fisher won this round, Maria Pavlou finished at 2nd place, and Mike Revuke stands on the third level of the podium at the moment:

  1. Summer Fisher (140 points)
  2. Maria Pavlou (95 points)
  3. Mike Revuke (91 points)
  4. Mick Johnston (90 points)
  5. Rory Mac Sweeney (66 points)
  6. Alan Robinson, Mathew Warrington (64-64 points)

Inters Class Saturday Results

Inter class has finished with these results.

  1. Owen Cochrane (175 points)
  2. Andrzej Zolty (162 points)
  3. George Isaacs (152 points)
  4. Ivan Adams (148 points)
  5. Simon Hildrew (138 points)
  6. John West (136 points)
  7. Mathew Pressey (133 points)
  8. Bill Gwinnett (110 points)
  9. Rachel Plant (65 points)
  10. Dean Tamsett (47 points)

Other events and programs

First time ever in UK, Align T-Rex 600XN was in the air. The start wasn't that amazing, becuase the guys were fighting a carburetion problem.

There were many beautiful demos, like tandem flights and group flights. Align's dominance is unrevokably over. There were at least twice more Goblin helicopters, than Aligns, and some other brands were also represented, like: XL Power

Programs tomorrow

At 9AM sport class pilots can change their results, later on Inters class can repeat at 1215, finally Professionals will fly at 1400. Demos and open fun flies will happen in between. The day will finish by presentation at 1645, than charity auction, finally the raffle draw will be held. 



First day is over