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15 June 2018

Pro Class Pilots
Just published

And finally the Pro list is also published now. This list is full of really promising names in terms of the show.

Pro Class Pilots
Source: Helifest UK Facebook page

The list is the following:

  1. Jamie Dawe
  2. Mariusz Jastrzembski
  3. Rodney Kee
  4. Dave Fisher
  5. Aaron Cole
  6. Ethan Williams
  7. Duncan Osbourn
  8. Dean Goffe
  9. Ben Thornley
  10. Callum Henson
  11. John Nobbs
  12. James Mackenzie

This is the professional class, therefore all pilots are excellent. There are some well sounding names, like Duncan Osbourn, Callum Henson. Dave Fisher is one of the #KeepRCHelisAlive ambassadors with his daughter, Summer, who is flying in Sport class.