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15 June 2018

Inters Class Pilots
Just published

Inters class is also published now. Ten pilots are in the queue.

Inters Class Pilots
Source: Helifest UK Facebook page

The pilots in flying order:

  1. Owen Cochrane
  2. Dean Tamsett
  3. Rory Mac Sweeney
  4. Mathew Pressey
  5. Andrzej Zolty
  6. Simon Hildrew
  7. George Isascs
  8. Rachel Plant
  9. Bill Gwinnett
  10. John West

Geroge Isaacs who was brilliant recently at the F3N Championship in Hayes flies in this category. George is also a young pilot and it's almost certain, the youngest in this category. He is 13 actually, he will be 14 in February next year only.