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11 July 2018

Robin Lipke's Logo 600 is stolen
Announcement of Global 3D

It's sad and unacceptable that could happen, but it happened. Somebody just walked away with his Mikado Logo 600 during Saturday Night flight session from the Mikado tent. Please keep an eye on second hand helicopters for sale.

Robin Lipke's Logo 600 is stolen

The announcement of Global 3D as they wrote:

Unfortunately, a helicopter from Robin Lipke was stolen during the event.
During the night fly on Saturday evening was his helicopter stolen which he wanted to use for the night fly while it was charging in the Mikado tent around 23:30.
If somebody recognizes the machine or sees it being sold, then please contact Robin Lipke via Facebook or Global 3D at info@global3d.nl 

Heli specs:
• Logo 600 with personalized yellow 6oo SE canopy
• Kontronik Jive pro 120HV
• Pyro 700-52 Competition 
• KST X20 V2 Servos with red servo horns
• Vbar Neo Neon, Yellow VLink
• Rotortech main blades
• TelMe
• No head button.
• Optipower 12S 3500 with supra X connector