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05 July 2018

It begins
Few more hours and it's happening

In few hours the Global 3D - the most important RC helicopter event - will begin in Venlo, Netherland. All famous pilots, all fans, all supporters are going to be there this weekend to see the bests and many more. All factories will present something there.

It begins

Everybody is arriving in the next few hours. All famous pilots, fans and supporters are gathering next to Venlo in Netherland this weekend to be at the most important RC helicopter event. It's really difficult to collect all the names being there which known for us. Just the few less lucky guys are not going to be there. 

What to expect

Of course amazing competition, the best pilots, nice helis and a big show. But some factories will introduce their brand new products at the scene - like the brand new Mikado Logo 600 Nitro will be seen there by the public first time ever.

And what more - everyone can fly there now during the funfly sessions on Friday and Saturday. 

It's still not too late to get there, although it's now difficult to find appropriate accomodation in the nearby.


Bing Map: { coordinates = 51.405690, 5.971460, pinTitle = Global 3D, pinSubTitle = , infoBoxTitle = Global 3D, infoBoxDescription = Schorfvenweg, 5976 PJ Kronenberg, Nederland, zoomLevel = }