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07 July 2018

Day 2 - what's happening now
Status report from Venlo

The official daytime program is ending soon. Next program is the funfly followed by the night flying at 11PM (CET). Not all results known yet. The day is really colourful, with many things to see. Not just programs and pilots, many companies came with new products as well.

Day 2 - what's happening now

Competition results for today in Experts category so far

Sasikana Boonmala from Thailand is the first in combine results at the moment, Ryan Chiu is the second, whilst Robin Lipke the Canadian pilot is situated at the 3rd place. Callum Henson from United Kingdom is the 11th on the results list actually followed by 11 pilots, what is a bit annoying, because he was the 9th yesterday and 10th in freestyle today, but this is how the scoring system works at Global 3D.

Masters Combine Results

First is Sakkarin Kongthon from Thailand. He is the factory pilot of Scorpion. 2nd is Kan Poonnoi from Thailand and Scorpion as well. Kenny Ko is the third. He is Align factory pilot. Kyle Dahl from USA and Mikado is at the 4th place now followed by Mirko Cesena Italian pilot in Mikado Team. Poor Jamie Robertson still didn't make it.


Speedcup final results

Just in at 6PM from Global 3D

  • 1st Miles Dunkel (Max: 314, Avg: 302.59)
  • 2nd Marc Rodewald (Max: 267, Avg: 260.67)
  • 3rd Ryan Chiu (Max: 248, Avg: 240.09)
  • 4th Peter Hsiao (Max: 212, Avg: 207.78)

Good to see
products and manufacturers

Mikado Glogo 690 Nitro

The most important and also shocking news of Global 3D was the sudden announcement of Mikado Logo 690 Nitro - correction: GLOGO. As it's known Ralf Buxnowitz CEO of Mikado kept saying:

Mikado never does Nitro

Well, it seems an era is over now, because "Mikado does Nitro", and surprisingly very good one. As Kyle Dahl presented it at Global 3D, we wish to try it in comparison with Logo 700. They have got similar characteristics, it will be good, what the differences are.


Mikado VBar Control Touch

Still new product, however it was demonstrated at Helifest for example earlier. But everyone is interested to see and know more.


One of the best Gaui helicopter is the X5. Now its second version is arriving. The new Gaui X5 is quite different from its precessor. altrough some parts look similar or same as at the previous model.

What's coming up?

As the flight to music will end, funfly will begin, later on the night fly will be held. In terms of weather the forecasts are really good, fortunately this is a dry period of the year in the continent. 

One more thing: England beats Sweden (1:0) in Football World Cup at the moment, but follow the Global 3D as well.


England has defeated Sweden: 2:0 !!! Amazing news.