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07 July 2018

Preliminary results of day 1
Reported by Global 3D

After the first day and the first sessions Global 3D reported the preliminary results. There were few drop-outs in Speedcup, high tensions in set manoeuvres, but nice results as well.

Preliminary results of day 1
Source: Tom Khosit Mongkholthai

At the moment Miles Dunkel was the best in Speedcup with incredible 301 km/h maximum speed. His average speed was just below 300. Marc Rodewald has got the 2nd place on this list with his 267 maximum and 260 average. 3rd is Ryan Chiu from Taiwan, the GAUI factory pilot with 248 maximum and 240 average speeds.

The set manoeuvre rounds were finished with very interesting results. In Expert category Chatawit Kamsawang is located in the first place, 2nd is Sasikana Boonmala and 3rd is Ryan Chiu (who also 3rd in Speedcup).

The Masters category

Sakkarin Kongthon is the first at the moment. 2nd is Kan Poonnoi and 3rd is Kenny Ko. The unluckiest was Jamie Robertson, who could not achieve any result just because his helicopter did not arrive on time.