Global 3D 2024

Global 3D 2024

Minute by minute

23/06/2024 23:12:51

Kenny Ko - Victory flight

23/06/2024 17:56:28

Global 3D Final


  1. Kenny Ko
  2. Min Chan Kim
  3. Sakkarin Kongthon


  1. Checky Sampadsin
  2. Ethan Williams
  3. Samuel Jensen
All scores in both Masters and Experts - PDF Format
23/06/2024 17:01:49

Presentation is happening now.

23/06/2024 08:52:10

Global 3D third day is on

Weather is still okay, there is no rain in the forecast today. Nick Maxwell, one of the judges at Global 3D presented a demo.


22/06/2024 22:09:26

Right now

Facebook is blocking the LIVE stream dut to copyrights, but it's still available here.

22/06/2024 22:09:00

Right now LIVE

22/06/2024 17:27:50

Saturday results

Expert Freestyle: Florian Neuner, Checky Sampadsin, Joel Franz and Samual Jensen, Heng Kitchana, Francisco Meglia

Master Freestyle: MinChan Kim, Kenny Ko, Sakkarin Kongthon, Vava Boonmala, Robin Lipke, Ryan Chiu

Current combined 

Expert:  Checky Sampadsin, Florian Neuner, Heng Kitchana, Samuel Jensen, Ethan Williams, Joel Franz

Master: Kenny Ko, MinChan Kim, Sakkarin Kongthon, Vava Boonmala,  Ryan Chiu, Copter Thanathep

Full scores and rankings as of Saturday afternoon
22/06/2024 14:29:30

Global 3D was live: Masters Brawl

22/06/2024 09:58:05

Global 3D reports

22/06/2024 09:55:25

Saturday Sunrise Sunny Start

Weather has changed since yesterday, the morning is beautiful in Venlo. There's no rain expected today. Expert freestyle flights are happening now.

21/06/2024 22:12:04

Microheli judges announced

Nick Maxwell, Jonas Wackershauser, Marcel Schimanski and Matthew De Wilde will be these judges.

21/06/2024 18:17:58

Friday official part closes

It was raining more or less all day long. Despite the weather set manoeuvre rounds are completed. Masters after the 1st round: Kenny Ko, MinChan Kim, Vava Boonmala; Expert: Checky Sampadsin, Florian Neuner, Heng Kitchana

It's fun-fly time right now until 10PM, but it's raining, so the flight line is empty. The forecast for tomorrow is free of rain.

21/06/2024 17:07:04

It's raining

The competition was suspended about an hour ago due to the heavy rain.

21/06/2024 16:59:12

Master class current rankings

  1. Kenny Ko
  2. MinChan Kim
  3. Vava Boonmala
  4. Sakkarin Kongthon
  5. Copter Thanathep
  6. Ryan Chiu
21/06/2024 15:57:37

Expert class results so far

  1. Checky Sampadsin
  2. Florian Neuner
  3. Heng Kitchana
  4. Ethan Williams
  5. Jaehong Lee
  6. Marius Blöchinger
21/06/2024 13:53:01

Pilots at Global 3D

21/06/2024 12:57:21

Expert Set manoeuvre

Right now: expert class set manoeuvre is taking place.

21/06/2024 12:06:12

48 people at the flightline Friday morning

21/06/2024 11:53:25

Friday morning in Venlo

21/06/2024 11:36:26

Starting now

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