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07/07/2019 17:39:26

Global 3D is over for this year

Results on our Facebook page.

07/07/2019 09:32:58

Sunday is now on: Expert flight to music

We have about 15 minutes delay, but flight to music Expert is happening now. Pascal Lipke was the first. 

06/07/2019 22:33:37

Global 3D night flight cancelled

It is raining since 6PM. No good forecast for tonight. 

06/07/2019 14:39:38

Freestyle results on our Facebook page

Expert: Vava Boonmala is the first

Masters: Sakkarin Kongthon, Kan Poonnoi, Kenny Ko

06/07/2019 12:06:08

Expert over, masters taken in place

Lukas Bisslich got 0 for crossing the safety line. 

06/07/2019 10:12:50

Expert Freestyle

Jason Lin just crashed. Hamish Scott is flying now. 

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The great show, Global 3D had many dramatic and there were even more fantastic moments. Walter Robijns and his about 50 people team have done a wonderful job, because everything went well, like a Swiss watch.

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    Global 3D just announced ticket selling is now open on the website. Online selling lasts until 1st of July.

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  • Global 3D

    Global 3DVenlo, The Netherlands

    This is one of the most important RC helicopter events throughout the year. The Global 3D is THE contest for all RC helicopter pilots. The bests are flying here for the thropies and the fame given by achieving any result in Venlo