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09/08/2021 10:54:00

Maskpro is off for a fortnight

COVID hits again. Maskpro canopy is not available in the next two weeks due to the virus - reported on Facebook

06/08/2021 14:02:32

Helifest UK registration is on

Finally: the Helifest is now official. Regsitration is open.

03/08/2021 08:54:51

XLPower Specter 700 V2 at IRCHA

The new Specter 700 V2 from XLPower will be presented at IRCHA. This will be its first public presence.

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  • Egodrift Tengu 4025HT 1190kV.jpg

    New Egodrift motor for the Kraken 580The Tengu 4025/1190kV available from now on

    The Egodrift Tengu 4025HT/1190kV has arrived. This motor is designed for the 6 cell requirements of SAB Goblin Kraken 580 primarily, and suits to all 550 size models with high kV demands. This motor comes with 6 × 32 mm motor shaft. /
    08 July 2020
  • Align T-Rex 650X Dominator 003.jpg

    Align T-Rex 650X Dominator - arrivedThe Align Corp. just opens the pre-order

    The new Align T-Rex 650X Dominator is on its way. The new model will be available in pre-order soon. The minimum advertised price is also announced. It is expected, the first models will arrive to the new owners with weeks. /
    07 July 2020
  • SAB Goblin Kraken 580 Nitro.jpg

    SAB Goblin Kraken 580 NitroNot too long to wait

    The SAB Goblin Kraken 580 just released since the last week and the first images just popped up about its nitro edition. It seems the project is in a good shape, the first models are out at the team pilots. /
    03 July 2020

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    Quick reports, gossips, leaks and everything important by first hand collected here. This sections updates frequently. If you don't want to miss anything out, follow the page. /
    03 July 2020
  • Independence Day Sales.jpg

    Happy Independence Day United StatesSales celebrating 4th of July

    Independence Day on the weekend: Shops offer various sales around the national and international holidays, and this day will not be an exception either. Even RC shops offer sales, discounts, coupon codes for the weekend, so we keep an eye on these sales for you, and they will be collected on this page. The list is updating until Sunday evening. /
    03 July 2020
  • facebook cashcow dislike.jpg

    RCHelicopterHub set to leave FacebookReduced presence on social media planned

    If you are reading this article now and you landed here via any social media platforms, especially Facebook, you are that one particular reader out of 20 all readers, who's landed on the same way. 19 others arrived on different routes. This is the current picture of the social media, and this situation requires reactions. /
    01 July 2020
  • Brandendburg gate Berlin.jpg

    Germany changes the VAT ratesMehrwertsteuer affects RC prices

    From this morning the German Government decreased the tax squeeze on product sells as a temporary measure for tackling the economic impact of COVID-19. The Mehrwertsteuer (aka Value Added Tax) is reduced from 19 to 16 and from 7 to 5 per cents and the first one can affect the RC product prices. /
    01 July 2020
  • AccuRC 2.0.13.jpg

    AccuRC 2.0.13 is releasedIncludes the new SAB Goblin Kraken 580

    AccuRC just released the most recent update of the simulator, the version 2.0.13. This is the version which contains the new SAB Goblin Kraken 580 to all AccuRC users, the model which is released today officially. This update is available all users through the Steam update process, no need to do anything if the automatic update is not disabled. But this package contains even more. /
    25 June 2020
  • SAB Goblin kraken 580.jpg

    SAB Goblin Kraken 580 is releasedDispatching begins today...

    Today, 25 June is the date when the new SAB Goblin Kraken 580 is officially released - as it was planned before. Perhaps all dealers have received the ordered kits earlier, and they are starting to send the ordered kits out today. And the helicopter becomes available virtually later on this afternoon (European time) as well. /
    25 June 2020
  • AccuRC SAB Goblin Kraken 580 001.jpg (1)

    AccuRC 2: SAB Goblin Kraken 580 to be addedAlpha users can test the model

    AccuRC was quick and the new SAB Goblin Kraken 580 is now in the simulator, shortly after the official release of the real model. The virtual model is almost ready to go in the production edition of the simulator. Alpha users have got their updates in the last two days, which contains the mid-size Kraken. /
    23 June 2020
  • NeXt 1_659 OMP M2 and Logo 550SE.jpg

    NeXt CGM: new models and a new training patternVersion 1.659 available now

    The most recent update, v1.659 of NeXt CGM simulator is released and available to download. NeXt users have got the update notification already, but what's in this version? /
    23 June 2020
  • Scorpion motors.jpg

    Combos for Kraken 580 from Scorpion Recommended motors and ESCs

    Scorpion Power System USA has combo configuration recommendations for the new SAB Goblin Kraken 580 helicopters, which contain both the motor and the ESC as well. /
    17 June 2020
  • Helidirect Egodrift.jpg

    HeliDirect becomes Egodrift exclusive distributorTengu motors in the United States from HeliDirect

    Just in: HeliDirect announced that Egodrift Co. Limited has contracted with the U.S. company, and the firm will supply the U.S. market with the motors and represent the company in the United States /
    17 June 2020
  • Gimmik ManiaX.jpg

    ManiaX distributor announced in East EuropeGimmik represents the battery brand in Poland

    ManiaX announced that the Gimmik will be the official distributor of their LiPo batteries in Poland from now on. The pre-order of the quality LiPo batteries is now open, stocking up is happening now. /
    15 June 2020
  • Egodrift Tengu for Kraken 580.jpg

    Egodrift Tengu motors for Kraken 580The company offers motors for all configurations

    Egodrift just announced the product scale for the new SAB Goblin Kraken 580. The list was announced earlier officially, which provides a motor option for different configuration options within the newest Kraken model. /
    09 June 2020
  • Oxy 5 HF tareq Alsaadi.jpg

    Oxy 5 HF - limited edition Available for Oxy owners only

    The Oxy owners probably know, the new Oxy 5 HF (High Fidelity) has arrived. It is a limited edition model which is available for Oxy owners and strictly from the Lynx website only. It will not be available at retailers. /
    09 June 2020
  • next v1-658.jpg

    NeXt: version 1.658 is outTwo new models, a heii and a fixed wing included

    The NeXt released the most recent version of the simulator, the 1.658 last weekend including two new models, the Align T-Rex 700X and the Pilot-RC Extra NG 2,61m. The T-Rex is configured by Luca Pescante. /
    08 June 2020
  • eggs.jpg

    Remain silentAnything you say can be used against you

    ...and the company represented by you. This is the "Miranda warning" adopted to RC representative format. There are certain situations when you better keep quiet because when you act that will affect you and the brand you represent. And certainly the current geopolitical circumstances are a case.

    Peter "PgPetike" Szabo
    03 June 2020
  • PFF Thumbnail.jpg

    Planet Fun FlyQuestions & Answers

    Nobody has done such an event before. Nobody knows how it is working as a programme. Does it work at all? We don't know either, but this is the only way as we can have a fun fly during the different lock downs, so we give it a try. Everything to know about the technology. /
    25 May 2020
  • Planet Fun Fly.jpg

    Planet Fun Fly next weekendLive stream about the details this evening

    Planet Fun Fly - the streamed fun fly created by the pandemic - will be taken in place next Saturday. This is the first time - and hopefully the last - when we make a fun fly like this: a fun fly on the Internet. Pilots from different countries will fly for us online. /
    24 May 2020