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30/01/2023 11:40:00

Just in: SAB Iconic Goblins available now

SAB Heli Division just announced that the SAB Iconic Goblins are available from now on until the stock lasts.

28/01/2023 22:58:28

Mikado Evo expected in the US in March

Mikado USA is closing the pre-order of VBar Evo in days, as 80% of allocated quantity is taken. Delivery expected on March.

24/01/2023 17:08:35

Jamie Robertson at Helidirect

Helidirect LLC reported that Jamie Robertson will fly with Team HeliDirect from now on.

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Further News

  • 3DCH Italy pilots - Lorenzo Costantini.jpg

    Great competition results at 3DCH Italy

    The 3DHC - Italy European Championship Private Round took place on 24-25 September at the airfield of GAE Gruppo Aero Modellisti Empolesi near in city of Empoli, Italy. Although the weather wasn't the nicest, pilots flew the maximum there. /
    26 September 2022
  • closing down copy.jpg

    Shocking: well known company give up on the hobby

    Very sad symptom of this shrinking hobby when a long running company announces its closing down. And this is even more worrying, when that particular company is so well known, nobody would have ever expected such an announcement. /
    24 September 2022
  • Queen Elizabeth passes away.jpg

    Her Majesty The Queen, Elizabeth II dies

    Her Majesty The Queen, Elizabeth II passed away peacefully this afternoon at Balmoral. Our deepest condolences to the Royal Family. /
    08 September 2022
  • Heliwood 22 8461 helicopters.JPG

    Heliwood 2022 Summary

    Heliwood 2022 was held a week ago in Hungary. As we were very busy with the event and the post workflows - photos, videos, feedbacks - this summary got a bit delayed, but better late than never. Anyway, Heliwood with one single expression: real success. /
    20 August 2022
  • Goosky Legend S2.jpg

    A new model from a new brand: Goosky Legend S2

    Couple of days ago we have got a message: "Have you seen this? You must". And indeed, it's interesting. A model in the sub-size class competing the known models, addressed to both beginners and experienced, pro pilots. Brand new model from a brand new source. /
    27 July 2022
  • FPFF attendees.jpg

    Full Pitch Fun Fly - awesome as usual

    Perhaps this is one of the most anticipated fun fly events of the year in the UK. Not to forget other famous events, but this is the "safety valve" of Global 3D, the venue where the pressure of the championship flies away - with RC helicopters. /
    10 July 2022
  • Global 3D masters podium.jpg

    Global 3D 2022

    Global 3D 2022 was held on the first weekend of July in the Netherlands as usual before the pandemic. After two years skipped, the competition was eagerly anticipated by all.

    Szabó, Péter - pgpetike
    10 July 2022
  • BMFA 100 Glocestershire Model Helicopter Club copy.jpg

    BMFA Centenary World Record

    The British Model Flying Association is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. And what's the best way to celebrate: setting a new world record - the highest number of the flying models at a time. /
    16 May 2022
  • Freestyle Masters 2022 8284.jpg

    Freestyle Masters: great weekend in Buckminster

    The Freestyle Masters Competition just finished with a good number of pilots, a not too bad weather and a very nice competition among the RC helicopter pilots. /
    08 May 2022
  • Szazhalombatta Fun Fly 7181.JPG

    Fun Fly in Százhalombatta, warming up in Halásztelek

    Finally, after a long break the event season just kicked off even in Hungary. The first fun fly of the year took place on Saturday, the warming up party was at the location of Heliwood on Friday. And both went surprisingly well. /
    01 May 2022
  • Global 3d Pilot list.jpg

    Global 3D 2022 pilots announced

    The Master and Expert pilot list is now published by Global 3D for 2022. There will be 12 pilots in the Masters class and 24 in the Experts class. The night flight pilot list not published yet, that list expected to be announced later.

    Szabó, Péter - pgpetike
    02 April 2022
  • SAB Goblin RAW Piuma 003.jpg

    SAB Goblin RAW Piuma: what's new?

    The newest model of SAB Heli Division, the SAB Goblin RAW Piuma will be released by end of April. Despite the rumours this model is not intended to replace the current RAW model and it is not a facelift either. This is more a "spinoff" of the current running RAW series. /
    28 March 2022
  • Team announcements.jpg

    Team announcements

    As the season is about to start slowly and the Covid retreats finally, life goes back to sort of normal, teams announce their new joiners. Here are the most recent changes announced we are informed about. /
    23 March 2022
  • XLPower Nimbus 003.jpg

    The new 550 from XLPower: Nimbus

    XLPower announced the next 550 model: it is the XLPower Nimbus 550. This helicopter has more known solutions from its big brother, the Specter V2. Compared to the previous XLPower 550 it is quite different. /
    05 March 2022
  • Align T15.jpg

    Align T15 is now out

    The newest model from Align is the T15. This model is a direct-drive dual brushless helicopter with full 3D capabilities in a very small size. Its weight is about 100 grams and the rotor diameter is 280 mm only. And yet, it is a fully capable model for both beginners and advanced pilots. /
    02 March 2022
  • what happened.jpg

    What happened to this site?

    When you look around here, you see that the content is a "bit" outdated. Indeed, this happens when nobody maintains these pages. And this happened exactly. But I'm trying to take a deep breath, to stand up and carry on. Why? It's a very good question...

    Peter "PgPetike" Szabo
    01 March 2022
  • Pilots at FPFF

    Full Pitch Fun Fly last weekend

    The Full Pitch Fun Fly was taken place last weekend in the United Kingdom. This event is the successor of the famous Whit Horse Fun Fly since the event location changed and moved from White Horse. Traditionally the event is held the weekend after the Global 3D, typically in the middle of July, but this year the event dates have changed. /
    02 August 2021
  • IRCHA Jamboree 2020.jpg

    IRCHA - one day to go

    One day and few more hours left until the IRCHA 2021 will open the gates officially. This is one of the most important events of the RC heli world and everybody is exited to know what will happen there this year. /
    02 August 2021
  • The Copper Doc with Mosel.jpg

    The Copper Doc cannot dispatch more this weekSevere flood in North West Germany

    Local media reports that heavy rains of the last few days caused severe floods in this part of Germany, dozens are missing, more people killed, homes and businesses are at serious risks. The Copper Doc GmbH - one of the most important XNova distributor in the region and Europe - suffer the effects of the weather, and they are at risk of getting flooded by the River Moselle. /
    15 July 2021
  • LYNX Oxy heli covid-19.jpg

    Lynx delayed by COVID measuresVietnam goes under lockdown

    Vietnam authorities have ordered a 14 days long lockdown in and around major cities due to the rapidly increasing number of cases in the country, which includes Ho Chi Minh city where the company operates. /
    14 July 2021