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30/01/2023 11:40:00

Just in: SAB Iconic Goblins available now

SAB Heli Division just announced that the SAB Iconic Goblins are available from now on until the stock lasts.

28/01/2023 22:58:28

Mikado Evo expected in the US in March

Mikado USA is closing the pre-order of VBar Evo in days, as 80% of allocated quantity is taken. Delivery expected on March.

24/01/2023 17:08:35

Jamie Robertson at Helidirect

Helidirect LLC reported that Jamie Robertson will fly with Team HeliDirect from now on.

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Further News

  • Align TREX TB70 montage.jpg

    Align TB70 on the home stretch

    We are almost there... not yet, but very close to the finish line. The marketing team at Align is working hard to keep the excitement high. They are releasing bits and pieces about the new model, but no whole story yet, consequently interested people are hungry for all data available. /
    29 December 2022
  • RH70E52XT Align TB70 Top Combo.jpg

    More info from Align about TB70

    Align just published the first official video about the new TB70 helicopter. The flying part is not new, but the first minute of this video shares some details about the planned production release. /
    27 December 2022
  • foretelling 2023 copy.jpg

    These trends to be expected in 2023

    As we are aproaching to the end of 2022, the year of Tiger by Chinese Zodiac, it's time to guess what the year of Rabbit can bring to us. Of course this is not going to be a foretelling, we analysed the trends and the signs of 2022. /
    20 December 2022
  • Mil Mi-26 Budaors LHBS 053.JPG

    Happy birthday Halo

    On this day 45 years ago: The Mil Mi-26 took off first time and made its first ever flight on 14th December, 1977. A new world record was born; Halo became the largest and most powerful helicopter in the world to have gone into serial production. /
    14 December 2022
  • goosky rs4 prices.jpg

    Goosky unveils RS4 prices - mixed reactions resulted

    The long anticipated prices of the new RS4 variations are out by now. It was known earlier; the helicopter will arrive to shops in January, social media was flooded by this model, but prices were secret until this morning. /
    13 December 2022
  • 77hobby logo vanishing off.jpg

    Another one bites the dust

    The 77Hobby in Poland is going out of the business, and the shop is closing down. The shop was focusing on RC helicopters and components, especially XLPower/MSH products and OMP models. /
    12 December 2022
  • Goosky Legend RS4.jpg

    Legend RS4 from Goosky in January

    A new model from Goosky is arriving very soon. Although not all details known yet, it is almost certain the helicopter will be in the shops in January. /
    11 December 2022
  • Rotor Live 2019 045.JPG

    Rotor Live 2023 - can the glory return?

    After three years forced break Rotor Live will return in 2023. This is definitely something we and the whole hobby need, just that's another question it will be able to get back its original glory. /
    06 December 2022
  • Thailand Heli Blowout 2022 001.jpg

    Saturday results of THB 2022

    First day of Thailand Heli Blowout 2022 was a fantastic first half. Ideal weather, many flights, many stands and great people celebrate our hobby at the flight lines of the Klong 11 RC Club. The beginner and expert class rounds were held on this day. /
    04 December 2022
  • XLPower Specter V2 Nitro draw.JPG

    XLPower Specter V2 nitro edition soon

    XLPower is working on the nitro edition of the Specter V2. Nick Maxwell is the key person in this project. The Specter V2 electric version is less than a year old, but this is the first time when a Specter model will have nitro edition. /
    03 December 2022

    Day 1 at Thailand Heli Blowout 2022 so far

    Thailand Heli Blowout 2022 is on right now in Bangkok, Thailand. The weather is partner of the event so far and the vibe is also excellent. More pilots from the Asian and European regions are attending the event. /
    03 December 2022
  • Align TB70.jpg

    Align is fine, what about others?

    The whole RC helicopter market got shockingly restructured in the past couple of years. There are new names and brands, whilst other are vanishing off. Of course these companies will never share real data about their current positions - this is business secret - but there are the obvious signs about the reality. And some are widely misunderstood.

    Peter "PgPetike" Szabo
    01 December 2022
  • SAB Orange 003.jpg

    New colours from SAB

    SAB Heli Division just announced the next upgrade for Goblin Raw 420, 580 and 700 models: the fluorescent orange scheme. The new colours will be available soon. /
    01 December 2022
  • NMP-Max-Glo-105-001.jpg

    NMP Dual glow plug engine head

    Nick Maxwell introduces this modification to O.S. 1.05 engines, this is the MaxxGlo 1.05. This is a redesigned engine head with two glow plugs fitting on both standard and DRS O.S. 1.05 engines providing better performance for the current 3D flying styles. /
    29 November 2022
  • THB 2022 header v2 tn copy.jpg

    Thailand Heli Blowout 2022

    All news from Thailand Heli Blowout 2022 are here. We collect the most important information about the event here. This page is being updated until the end of the event and few days afterwards. /
    28 November 2022
  • Lynx Heli.jpeg

    Lynx Heli is open back for end users

    Lynx Heli Innovations just announced that the webshop of Lynx Heli is available again for end user orders as well as dealers. The webshop was not fulfilling end user customer orders in the past months. /
    27 November 2022
  • Steven Bätzler.jpg

    Steven Bätzler switches teams

    Steven Bätzler has left Team XLPower to fulfill a promising invitation. Steven has been member of XLPower factory team since 2019 representing the company at various events. He's flown in Expert class at Global 3D 2022 in Venlo this summer. /
    26 November 2022
  • VBar Control Evo copy.jpg

    VBar Evo coming soon - this is known so far

    Mikado announced the next generation of the VBar system, the VBar Evo. The system will arrive in January, next year, and it's intended to be the successor of the Neo system.. That's why the pricing is also similar, pre order is available even now. /
    26 November 2022
  • black friday and cyber monday.jpg

    Black Friday 2022 & Cyber Monday 2022

    Black Friday is here - and as usual, we collect bargains on this page. Just scroll over the page to find something interesting for yourself or as a gift idea for Christmas. This page is being updated until this Sunday evening (update: due to Cyber Monday, list is being updated until Monday evening) - as soon as we find something useful, it will be listed on this page. /
    24 November 2022
  • Align TB70 001.jpg

    Storm about to hit new Align model

    Align Corporation just announced the new Align TB70 helicopter, the newest 700 class model. And this model is going to be quite different from the previous Align models. Among other changes Align will return to the belt drive tail and perhaps they abandon the torque tube. /
    29 September 2022