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03 July 2020
26/12/2023 10:50:36

Christmas continues at ATModels

02/12/2023 07:58:06

Goosky RS7 preorder is now open

Goosky announced the prices of RS7: the kit is $799 without blades and $899 with AZ 700 main and 105 tail blades. Preorder opens at retailers.

29/11/2023 22:15:16

Spirit update

Version 3.6.0 is now available.

26/11/2023 09:08:47

Three Asian joiners at Goosky

Lotte Chawanagon, Biao Dong and Poom Uditananda will represent Goosky in Asia from now on - announced by Goosky.

26/11/2023 09:05:57

Lilian Many leaves SoXos

Announced by himself on Facebook

24/11/2023 14:45:37

Fabian Kloß is also Goosky joiner

Fabian just announced his membership at Team Goosky.

24/11/2023 14:27:02

Gabriele Rovere joins Team Goosky

Just announced: Gabriele is the latest joiner at Team Goosky. Gabriele has been representing RB1-RC for many years, he will be flying with Goosky models from now on.

23/11/2023 13:34:09

Tron manual update

The Tron 7.0 ADVANCE manual is now updated. Current version is 1.0.4.

21/11/2023 21:52:42

Spektrum Remote ID news

Remote ID news and firmware update announced by Spektrum for USA customers

21/11/2023 21:49:48

THB 2023 this weekend

Pilots are travelling to Thailand right now.

06/11/2023 21:06:42

ManiaX distributor announced in New Zealand

ManiaX batteries arrived to New Zealand - announced by ManiaX.

19/10/2023 06:44:22

Thailand Heli Blowout registration

The registration to THB 23 is now open. It will close on 30th October.

16/10/2023 11:57:57

OMP Hobby Lucky Gifts results

OMP Hobby just announced the "Lucky Gifts" draw results.

12/10/2023 21:50:40

Minzhi Zhi unveils AK700

Minzhi Zhi, designer of Tarot 550/600 (later known as the Steam 550/600), has released renderings of his latest model. This is the AK700.

12/10/2023 21:49:42

OMP Hobby M4 Max details

12/10/2023 21:47:03

Stabilization from Align: Align AP3

Align presented their latest autopilot system, the AP3. The controller is able to behave like a normal FBL controller, it is capable of stabilization when it keeps the helicopter levelled, and it supports the GPS-based position holding as well. The system clearly aims beginners.

02/10/2023 17:45:19

Changes in our T&Cs

We will introduce changes to our Terms and Conditions, which will be effective by 1st November, 2023. These changes will affect that how our contents can be re-used on external and third party platforms.

23/09/2023 22:05:37

RAM 2023 - Rotor Asia Masters began

The Rotor Asia Masters is taking place between 22 and 25 September, in Chengdu, China with 77 nominated pilots.

23/09/2023 21:59:00

OMP Hobby M4 Max announced

OMP Hobby announced a larger version of the current M4, which is the OMP Hobby M4 Max. This model is a 420 size version of the current M4 helicopter.

21/09/2023 17:43:02

OMP Hobby M7 - 700 class model announed

The guess was right: OMP Hobby will release a 700 size model, the OMP Hobby M7 soon - Jonas Wackershauser posted on Facebook.

21/09/2023 07:48:29

Goosky RS7 - 700 class Goosky helicopter

Goosky just published the first official images about the new Goosky RS7 helicopter - a 700 size model.

21/09/2023 00:45:39

Announcement expected from OMP Hobby

Jonas Wackershauser posted on Facebook earlier that an announcement is expected from OMP Hobby in the next few days. Perhaps a large size helicopter is the subject.

05/08/2023 20:24:10

Jozef Mojzes dies at age 50

Jozef Mojzes, the emblematic member of the RC helicopter community passed away on 26th July 2023. 

29/06/2023 22:23:36

Global 3D - Masters start order

The Masters pilots will fly in the following order:  Ryan Chiu, Callum Henson, Kenny Ko, Wessel Haast, Henrik Clausen, Kan Poonnoi, Vava Bonnmala, Mariano Suarez, Fabian Kloß 

22/06/2023 22:13:23

Luca Pescante cannot attend Global 3D

Due to serious health condition Luca Pescante cannot be at Global 3D this year - announced by himself on Facebook.

22/06/2023 07:46:48

OMP Hobby M4 manual update

The instruction manual of OMP Hobby M4 is updated. The version 1 manual is available at OMP Hobby (find it under the support tab).

22/06/2023 07:44:33

New firmware for Mikado VBar Evo

Mikado released an update for the VBar Evo. 

22/06/2023 07:39:04

Tron Dnamic in stores

The new Tron Dnamic helicopopter has arrived to the shops - reported by ATModels.

02/06/2023 10:44:50

HELIWOOD 2023 - Sponsorship information

Sponsorship information of one of the most popular RC heli event in Europe, the Heliwood is now available.

31/05/2023 11:27:50

Blades over Buckminster - July

Registration of BoB is now open.

31/05/2023 11:26:39

Heliwood 2023 pilot and accommodation registration is open

You can register here as Heliwood 2023 pilot or if you need camping space or other accommodation.

09/05/2023 17:48:17

CD hospitalised

Sakkarin CD Kongthon is not well. His father Peerapong Kongthon posted a photo about CD on Facebook from the hospital. We don't know more about the cause, but based on the photo, CD is in very serious condition.

24/04/2023 11:56:42

OMPHobb M4 in shops

The first batch of new OMPHobby M4 helicopter arrived to the shops - reported by Midland Helicopters among others - so the long awaited model is finally out.

12/04/2023 11:21:56

Pilot entry of Helifest 2023

Helifest UK 2023 pilot enrty is now open.

07/04/2023 12:55:41

XLPower Specter 700 Nitro deliveries begin

The new XLPower Specter 700 Nitro arrived to the shops and deliveries begin. This is reported by Helicoach.de in the EU, Also the same reported from the UK by ATModels. Hely-shop did not report it, but it's in stock, and this is expected at Midland Helicopters soon. Cajun Aircraft reported the same in the United States.

02/04/2023 19:54:41

Global 3D 2023 pilots announced

25/03/2023 22:07:54

New team manager at Miniature Aircraft

Matthew De Wilde is the new F3N/3DX team manager in Europe at Miniature Aircraft alongside Stephan Wiese, who still contiues to manage the F3C team - announced by Matthew himself.

17/03/2023 18:14:40

IMPORTANT! Safety announcement from Mikado!!!!

All VBar Control EVO users are affected, please read this announcement from VBar Control and Mikado!

12/03/2023 19:20:11

Kan wins Rotor Live 2023

Kan Poonnoi got the 1st place at Rotor Live 2023. Robin Lipke is the 2nd 

10/03/2023 22:52:54

We are at ROTOR Live

Reports, news throughout the weekend.

09/03/2023 16:55:19

Tareq Alsaadi shares the details of Dubai Masters 2023

Tareq has shared all the important details of Dubai Masters 2023 for both visitors and pilots.

09/03/2023 16:49:39

Align test the TN70

The nitro version of TB70, the TN70 is under testing right now.

03/03/2023 20:40:37

Align G900 gasser

Align just announced the newest project, the G900. This is a gasoline (petrol) powered helicopter with 830-900 mm blades, so the size of the helicopter will be the same as the industry standard E1 or G1 models.

20/02/2023 09:07:18

The Copper-Doc reported limited availability

Due to medical reasons the German XNova dealer, the Copper-Doc will be less available as usual. Local pick-up is not available at all - reported by Michael Steinmetz.

13/02/2023 13:40:19

JETI DC24II release delayed amid Chip shortage

JETI just announced that the DC24II transmitter release will be delayed due to the global chip shortage. New release date is not confirmed.

11/02/2023 10:56:14

GDW reports servo shortage

GDW reported that they are having a low stock of  G92, G95, BLS992, BLS995, BLS892, BLS895, BLS893 servos due to chip shortage. It's not expected the stock can improve before end of May.

10/02/2023 18:36:19

The next Tron: NiTron 90

Tronhelicopters just announced the new model: NiTron 90

10/02/2023 17:55:26

Luve Q&A with XLPower about Specter V2 NME Nitro

XLPower will be holding a live session about the new helicopter at 1AM (UTC) on 11th February.

05/02/2023 19:56:37

Global 3D 2023 - Pilot registration is open

Global 3D announced that the pilot registration is now open on their webiste.

01/02/2023 19:45:18

Warm message from Helicoach.de to their customers

Helicoach.de published a message on their Facebook page earlier stating that: they continue to provide products to their private customers as businesses only would not make their continuity possible.

01/02/2023 19:42:27

Mikado USA reduced Logo helicopter prices

Mikado USA just announced that the Logo helicopter prices are now permanently reduced.

30/01/2023 11:40:00

Just in: SAB Iconic Goblins available now

SAB Heli Division just announced that the SAB Iconic Goblins are available from now on until the stock lasts.

28/01/2023 22:58:28

Mikado Evo expected in the US in March

Mikado USA is closing the pre-order of VBar Evo in days, as 80% of allocated quantity is taken. Delivery expected on March.

24/01/2023 17:08:35

Jamie Robertson at Helidirect

Helidirect LLC reported that Jamie Robertson will fly with Team HeliDirect from now on.

23/01/2023 22:31:37

Important update for Spektrum transmitters

Spektrum just released an important update containing bugfixes for iX12, iX14 and iX20 transmitters.

23/01/2023 18:00:25

SAB Iconic Goblins - One week to go

One week left until the day when the Iconic Goblins get in the shops - reported by SAB Heli Division.

22/01/2023 08:37:02

Fury 57 in Heli-X

Heli-X has got a new model in the recent update: Fury 57. The update is available on the Heli-X server

20/01/2023 13:01:37

One more shop among our partners

Midland Helicopters is now among our partner shops. Learn more about them.

18/01/2023 13:08:17

First Mikado VBar Evo transmitters in the shops

The Mikado VBar Evo is quietly released and the very first items arrived to the shops. Pre-orders are being fulfilled right now - Live-hobby reported.

16/01/2023 20:55:04

Bavarian Demon signed in

There were rumours, the company is about to disappear. They had supply difficulties indeed, but they posted on Facebook that they are still alive, and they are getting their problems sorted soon. The company continues the business.

04/01/2023 13:31:04

The first SG700 Goblin 700 is ready

After a decade: the SG700 SAB Goblin 700 is in production for a limited time is ready to test. This is the Kit #0.

01/01/2023 21:14:03

Helifest 2023 dates announced

Helifest UK announced this morning that the Helifest 2023 will be taken place on 16-18 June 2023 as part of the Weston Park Model Air Show.