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03 July 2020
29/12/2022 11:26:43

Align TB70 specifications released

Align just published the specifications of all TB70 variations.

28/12/2022 10:30:52

Boxing Day sale at ATModels in the UK

ALIGN TREX Models in the UK is offering 5% off until 2nd January

28/12/2022 10:28:27

New Year Sale at Mikado USA

There's a New Year Sale running at Mikado USA until 31st December.

28/12/2022 10:25:33

Scorpion Power System USA New Year Sale

Scorption Power System USA offers a New Year Sale with 10% off until 31st December.

28/12/2022 10:14:48

Firmware update of Scorpion Tribunus II (II+) ESCs

Scorpion just released the V71 firmware update to all Tribunus II and II+ ESCs.

23/12/2022 22:37:56

Final episode of Freefall RC Podcast is out

The final episode of Freefall RC Podcast is now available. An era ends with this episode.

20/12/2022 21:10:13

David Gerster becomes GDW Servo team manager

David Gerster is team manager for GDW Servo from now on - announced on Facebook. David finished the Thailand Heli Blowout 2022 at the 5th place recently.

20/12/2022 08:20:08

Christmas sale at Miniature Aircraft

Miniature Aircraft has a Christmas sale between 23rd and 28th of December. Find out more at the Miniature Aircraft shop.

20/12/2022 08:16:55

Scorpion Blowout Sale at Mikado USA

The company is housekeeping, and offers discount up to 40% at 42 products, mostly Scorpion motors. 

16/12/2022 08:09:24

Theo van Houten, scale helicopter master dies

The RC helicopter world, especially the scale community has lost a great member of the family. Theo van Houten, who was known by his scale models passed away. He was a stable member of scale RC helicopter event and a great enthusiast of Chinook models. 

13/12/2022 09:38:50

Price of Goosky RS4 finalised

PNP version: 699 USD
Kit version: 619 USD
07/12/2022 12:21:25

New pictures from Goosky

Goosky published few pictures about the New works of Legend project, but it's still annoyingly unclear what they are planning.

04/12/2022 11:40:35

THB 2022 Expert class final results

  1. Fabian Kloß
  2. Florian Nuener
  3. Carl-Henning Siebert
04/12/2022 09:29:00

Thailand Heli Blowout 2022 Expert class

Expert class before the final round results of Thailand Heli Blowout 2022: 1st Fabian Kloß, 2nd Thanathep Hawiros,  3rd Florian Neuner, 4th Carl-Henning Siebert, 5th David Gerster

03/12/2022 16:04:56

Goosky New works of Legend

Goosky made a vauge announcement of the new project: New works of legend. Also the first low res video is published. As soon as the company give us more info we will tell more.

03/12/2022 11:22:09

Live from Thailand Heli Blowout right now

03/12/2022 11:19:28

XLPower Specter V2 nitro

XLPower announced they will share more information about the planned XLPower Specter 700 V2 Nitro in the next following weeks. Briefly: same geometry, same rotor head, tail is coming from the NME edition, but the main frame will be completely different.

03/12/2022 09:12:12

Expert class Day 1 at THB

Kloss, Hawiros, Neuner at the first three places. Details coming soon.

02/12/2022 21:40:59

Global3D 2023 dates announced

Global3D dates just announced: 30 June - 2 July 2023.

02/12/2022 12:30:43

SAB Orange series release date

There's no exact release date yet, although the SAB Heli Division announced that the new Orange Series will be released around 15th December.

29/11/2022 13:23:48

Infos about the Align TB70

There's a big silence around this model from Taiwan, but this silence does not mean nothing is happening, or the storm earlier affected the release. The model does exist. Luca Pescante just published a photo about the TB70 to his friends.

28/11/2022 10:34:53

THB2022 - Stephan Kloß is live now

There is a LIVE STREAM on Facebook from THB2022 right now.

27/11/2022 10:56:34

Mikado VBAR EVO Q&A video is published

The video is available here at the vstab.info website. Although it is mainly German and just smaller parts are in English, it is still interesting and iformative.

26/11/2022 13:37:41

Only Fine Helis - reduced prices

This is not Black Friday, but prices discounted at OFH, due to its closing down sale.

26/11/2022 11:13:00

Mikado to hold a Q&A live session about VBar Evo

This Saturday (26th November) Mikado will be holding a live Q&A session at 8PM (CET) - 7PM (GMT) - 2PM (EST). More details at Mikado website

25/11/2022 15:39:58

Mikado VBar Control EVO

Mikado announced the next version of VBar Control.

29/09/2022 12:29:24

Align TB70 - belt driven helicopter from Align

Align just announced the new TB70 helicopter.

28/09/2022 18:58:05

Goosky starts a video contest

Goosky announced their video contest of the S2 Legend. Great prizes offered for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

28/09/2022 18:53:05

Hurricane Ian forces Mikado USA to skip Virginia MowDown

Mikado USA just posted on Facebook that they had to cancel their attendance at Virginia MowDown due to Hurricane Ian as flights from Florida are being cancelled. 

27/09/2022 13:52:39

NeXt update - Goosky S2 Legend added

An update containing the Goosky S2 Legend model is now available at the NeXt CGM website.

07/09/2022 13:21:24

BREAKING: CD switches to SAB

Sakkarin CD Koghton is flying under SAB colours from now on. After many years with Mikado the multi world champion is announced as new SAB Team member

21/08/2022 00:29:30

SoXos Australia: unexpected delays of deliveries

SoXos Australia reported unexpected delays affecting order deliveries due to COVID. 

20/08/2022 20:31:01

Styria Heli Party Freestyle contest results

  1. Carl-Henning Siebert
  2. David Gerster
  3. Maximilian Zick
  4. Marius Blöchinger
  5. Stefan Finster

Reported by David Gerster

05/08/2022 12:49:26

XLPower Specter V2 NME - special edition

A new model variant is coming from XLPower: Specter V2 Nick Maxwell Edition - announced by XLPower

27/07/2022 13:22:09

SAB Goblin Raw 420 after 20 August

SAB just announced: although the packaging is in progress, a long delivery time is expected. Possible deliveries after 20th August.

12/07/2022 16:36:15

SAB Goblin Raw 480 officially announced

11/07/2022 12:53:18

Alan Robinson is XLPower Team manager in the UK

Alan Robinson is announced as Team Manager in the United Kingdom.

18/05/2022 23:31:04

Stolen heli and other things

Please, keep your eyes open. Details here... 

16/05/2022 21:40:18

FPFF - Full Pitch Fun Fly

Yes, the Full Pitch Fun Fly is back: 8-10 July, 2022. This year again. Details will be coming soon - reported by Rob Bingham.

16/05/2022 20:23:56

Global 3D 2022 - Night flight

The night flight registration is still open - reported by Global 3D.

06/05/2022 06:18:13

FreeFall RC #324

Taking a break - no flying for a while, then coming back: what the effects are. Learn more from the podcast. 

24/04/2022 22:14:15

Helifest pilot registration is now open

Pilot entry is now open for the Helifest 2022

21/04/2022 09:05:37

Heli Summer in Croatia - by Markes Hugo

Markes Hugo offers the annual Heli Summer in Croatia - limited availability.

15/04/2022 16:24:46

FreeFall RC Podcast Episode 321

The most recent episode of FreeFall RC Podcast is here.

09/04/2022 13:56:31

Helifest UK 2022: pilot entry is now open

The pilot entry registration is open from now. 

02/04/2022 21:58:08

Tron arrives to the UK officially

360RCTechnologies announced in a vague post that they will start distributing the Tron helicopters in the UK from next week. Tron is not named in the post, but the portion of logo makes it obvious.

31/03/2022 18:39:16

Delays at XLPower to COVID lockdowns

More cities and areas go under lockdowns in China again, XLPower is among the affected businesses. XLPower Nimbus deliveries also affected - announced by XLPower

30/03/2022 17:15:52

Global 3D judges in 2022

Jason Platts, Ruud Savelkoul, Kevin Targett, Rasmus Jakobsen, Dunkan Bossion

26/03/2022 18:23:09

TellARotor RC Podcast Episode 47 - Mikado VBar

Episode 47 of TellARotor RC Podcast is out. Main topic: FBL Comparison - Mikado VBar. 

25/03/2022 12:13:11

SAB Goblin Raw Piuma 700 to be released in April

A new version of SAB Goblin Raw will be released before end of April - announced by SAB Heli Division

25/03/2022 05:28:31

FreeFall RC Podcast Episode 318

The latest episode of FreeFall RC Podcast is out. It isn't short: 2 hours long, but it can be useful: How to buy from others you don't know online. How to stay safe. Cash or online payments, how to handle the transactions, do's and don'ts.

23/03/2022 09:36:47

Global 3D 2022 - night flight pilot registration open

The registration for the night flight competition of Global 3D 2022 is now open - reported by Global 3D

22/03/2022 21:33:29

CAA set to increase operator fee in the UK

BMFA just reported that the fee to be paid for registration of UAS operators will increase to £10 from 1st April 2022. The current fee is £9

19/03/2022 10:05:11

Latest issue of Rotor magazine is out

Th German Rotor is now available. Topics among others: Sikorsky CH-53 GA and tandem mechanics in the scale section, SAB Gobline RAW 580 and Spektrum NX10 in the technical section, and DJI Mavic 3 for drone users.

19/03/2022 10:00:34

Rebels Fun Fly 2022 - pilot registration

The pilot registration of Rebels Fun Fly 2022 Australia is now open. The event will be on 28th April - 1st May in Newcastle, New South Wales.

18/03/2022 09:15:22

FreeFall RC Podcast Episode 317

The guys at Freefall RC are busy: the latest episode is out

15/03/2022 08:53:24

ManiaX face delivery issues to COVID measures in China

ManiaX USA reported that the local restrictions and lockdowns in China affect badly battery shipments as well, therefore delays expected.

14/03/2022 11:45:14

EGODRIFT delivery difficulties caused by worsening Covid

EGODRIFT posted on Facebook this morning: FedEx and DHL suspended their operation due to the worsening Covid situation in China. This affects EGODRIFT deliveries as well as many other companies.

14/03/2022 09:27:00

Global 3D: pilot registration to close on 27 March

Pilot registration to Global 3D 2022 will close in less than two weeks, on 27th March - announced by Global 3D

12/03/2022 17:04:56

Weekend sale at Helicoach.de

XLPower and MSH sale this weekend at Helicoach.de

12/03/2022 07:14:34

FreeFallRC Podcast Episode 316 is out

This episode is available here... Not short: 2 hours 22 minutes.

11/03/2022 15:36:12

Luca Invernizzi is back...

After a very long absence, and worrying news, Rasmus Jakobsen just announced: Luca Invernizzi (director and founder of Lynx/OXI) is back and he will continue to work from tomorrow.

05/03/2022 06:21:05

XLPower: New model to release

Just announced: the XLPower Nimbus 550

04/03/2022 14:06:03

Helifest 2022 confirmed

03/03/2022 13:44:47

Sale at Helicoach.de

01/03/2022 19:32:48

Align T-Rex T15 - coming soon

More details at the Align Corp