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03 July 2020
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09/08/2021 10:54:00

Maskpro is off for a fortnight

COVID hits again. Maskpro canopy is not available in the next two weeks due to the virus - reported on Facebook

06/08/2021 14:02:32

Helifest UK registration is on

Finally: the Helifest is now official. Regsitration is open.

03/08/2021 08:54:51

XLPower Specter 700 V2 at IRCHA

The new Specter 700 V2 from XLPower will be presented at IRCHA. This will be its first public presence.

02/08/2021 18:18:53

OXY FLASH aka OXY7 to be presented at IRCHA

It seem the new OXY helicopter the FLASH will be introduced at the IRCHA Jamboree this week. 

29/07/2021 14:26:46

SAB Goblin Raw Nitro being delivered

The SAB Heli Division just announced that they could manage shipping the first batch to the distributors entirely. After the difficulties caused by the pandemic and other circumstances the first Raw Nitros will be posted by the distributors in two weeks. 

26/07/2021 13:21:41

Global 3D dates confirmed

The Global 3D will take place on 1st-3rd July, 2022 in Venlo - announced by Global 3D

21/07/2021 09:04:48

Blades over Buckminster to go ahead

The 3rd BOB will be on 6-8 August at the BMFA National Centre in Buckminster. Further details and registration in this Facebook post

18/07/2021 11:39:30

F3N competition Cuffley MFC, UK

Enrries now open - reported by F3N UK

25/06/2021 08:18:32

Dragonfly in North Carolina this weekend

The guys are gathering now. A great weekend expected in East Bend, North Carolina, United States.

24/06/2021 16:02:42

Spirit 3.3 update released

The latest version of Spirit, the 3.3.0 is now available.

24/06/2021 15:44:00

Bert Kammerer gets 50 years old today.

Bert Kammerer, Mr BK celebrates his 50th birthday today. 

23/06/2021 07:03:40

Hamish Scott leaves XLPower

Hamish Scott was a known represetative of XLPower in Australia. He just announced his departure from the team. 

23/06/2021 02:13:54

Full Pitch Fun Fly dates change

The Full Pitch Fun Fly changed the dates due to technical reasons: 31st July - 1st August will be the FPFF weekend. 

04/05/2021 21:32:29

All pilots competing at Free Style Masters to be donated by AT Models

The Free Style Masters is going ahead this weekend. Therefore AT Models decided to bring the hobby back and the company will donate all competing pilots - announced by AT Models

04/05/2021 21:28:30

The F3CN World Championship is cancelled

The FAI cancelled the F3CN World Championship which was going to be in Romania this year is now cancelled officially - reported by the F3N GBR. The reason is obvious: it cannot be organised safely due to the pandemic. Hopefully Italy will be luckier next year.

14/04/2021 12:07:54

No shipping from Soxos Australia next week

The company is out of office next week, therefore all orders will be processed later - reported by the company on Facebook.

26/03/2021 21:51:18

COVID restrictions update in England - BMFA

The British Model Flying Association reported earlier that the COVID rules will change on 29th March making the club flying activities possible again - with special measures. 

More details in the Facebook post...

13/03/2021 16:48:39

The Global 3D is cancelled this year again

Organisers announced earlier that the Global 3D will not be taken in place this year again. This is due to the current pandemic situation... 

10/03/2021 20:37:52

F3CN World Championship: Romania - decision about go ahead in April

GBR F3N reported that the decision about the World Championship dates (which is supposed to be 30 July - 6th August) will be announced by 30th April depending on the pandemic measures.

10/03/2021 20:35:19

Helifest UK.... still a bit chaotic

Not to blame the organisers, due to the pandemic madness, hard to follow what and when will happen. It is now promised, more details to follow this weekend.

10/02/2021 19:57:14

SAB Goblin RAW and Urukay Genesis released

The two latest models from SAB Heli Division is now released officially and ready to dispatch.

05/01/2021 10:47:36

No model flying in England

England has entered into a lockdown again. The law declares that people are not allowed to leave their local area to exercise and they can only leave their homes to exercise, and not for the purpose of recreation or leisure. This means no model flying permitted in England now. Further details at the GOV.UK website.

22/12/2020 12:02:00

Germany suspends model and drone registrations

No registration obligations are in place in Germany between 31st December and 30th April as it has been suspended by LBA (German Aviation Authority). Modellers not having valid registration ID must display their contact details (name and full postal address) which fulfill the obligation during this period. More details here...

22/12/2020 11:59:26

BMFA - Most recent rules regarding to COVID in the UK

BMFA just published the most recent rules of model flying in the UK regarding to COVID restrictions. Briefly: individual flights are not affected mostly (except Northern Ireland), however club activities are restricted. Please read all the details here... 

26/11/2020 21:19:20

After a very looooooooooooong break, we are getting back

Indeed, it's been a long time since we last posted anything, but we are getting back to normal. Details soon....

15/09/2020 20:30:42

Helifest 2020 is now officially cancelled

The original Helifest, which was planned in May originally was postponed to Autumn. Unfortunately the COVID-19 pandemic second wave has arrived in the United Kingdom as well as across Europe, therefore the organisers had to cancel both the Weston Park Model Air Show and Helifest in 2020

20/08/2020 15:33:41

Antonio Gomez Rosado resigns at XLPower

Antonio announced that he has resigned at XLPower. Details and reasons are not known....

The full announcement is here...

20/08/2020 15:27:53

ROTOR Live 2020 cancelled... in October as well.

ROTOR Live 2020 which was postponed to October is now cancelled. There are too many risk factors and questions to keep the event scheduled.

The full announcement...

14/07/2020 16:55:00

Northeast Model Helicopter Jamboree is cancelled

13/07/2020 19:23:06

HeliElit Hungary - final location just announced

The location as it was promised will be at city of Pécs, Hungary. Details here.

13/07/2020 13:26:21

New battery line from ManiaX

The new products are designed for 380-700 class helis.

13/07/2020 10:22:45

BOB just announced

Blades Over Buckminster on 21-23 August at the BMFA National Centre

11/07/2020 12:53:10

IRCHA 2020 - Kevin St-Cyr cannot attend

Kevin just announced that he will not attend IRCHA this year.

11/07/2020 11:40:23

First images from the Blades over Györ

10/07/2020 21:35:58

Blades Over Györ

Warming up in Hungary - Blades over Györ is about to kick off


10/07/2020 10:53:43

Weston Park Model Air Show

The rescheduled dates are 17-18 October, 2020. But it ssems they might change again to a more appropriate, earlier time.

09/07/2020 22:28:20

Only Fine Helis don't attend IRCHA

Just announced: Only Fine Helis will not go to the iRCHA which is taken in place between 5th and 9th August. As they reasoned their decision, due to the ongoing pandemic, it is safer not to attend.


09/07/2020 11:29:07

Full Pitch Fun Fly 2021

Rob Bingham just announced the dates of the Full Pitch Fun Fly 2021: 8-11 July 2021.

09/07/2020 09:54:48

Align T-Rex 650X Dominator listing

The webshops started to receive pre-orders of the RH65E01XT Super Combo and RH65E02XT Kit versions of the new 650X Dominator. Helidirect LLC has both products listed now in the United States. There is no official price n the United Kingdom yet, but Hely-shop.co.uk receives pre-orders for a £100 deposit. The final price is expected around £1100-1200. We found the new Align model in Europe at helistore.fr only so far. The RH65E01XT Super Combo is offered for €1387 and the RH65E02XT Kit is €799.90. This store offers a third version, the RH65E03XT Super Combo for €1287, which contains everything but the BeastX FBL controller. 

08/07/2020 09:50:10

The new Egodrift Tengu motor for the Kraken 580 arrives

The Egodrift Tengu 4025HT/1190kV for the 6 cell SAB Goblin Kraken 580 is now available.

07/07/2020 11:31:11

Align T-Rex 650X Dominator price and pre-order

The Align Corp. just announced the price and the pre-order phase. Super Combo MAP: $1,387.99, Kit MAP: $799.99

07/07/2020 09:14:19

Thailand Heli Blowout 2020 announced

THB 2020: 5-6 December, 2020 - details soon

07/07/2020 08:45:51

Events this weekend

04/07/2020 09:47:05

Egodrift Independence Day Sale

03/07/2020 14:02:00


Possible manufacturing defect at SAB Goblin Kraken 580.

03/07/2020 12:42:58

Yes, the new Goblin Kraken 580 Nitro on its way

03/07/2020 10:19:48

Freefall RC Podcast #232 - with Paul Andreoli

The podcast is out...

Join Steve, Kevin, Andy, and George as we welcome Paul Andreoli to the show. We dig into FBL tuning and Paul shares his experience in tuning the vbar Neo flybarless controller.
03/07/2020 10:07:40

SAB Goblin Kraken 580 Nitro?

03/07/2020 09:07:34

4th of July sales in the United States

Tomorrow will be Independence day in the United States. It is a tradition now, shops offer sales around this day to celebrate 4th of July. Here are few of the RC shop offers:

02/07/2020 17:49:35

Testing Logo 200 - Kyle Dahl

02/07/2020 17:33:00

F3N UK Announcement - F3N competition postponed

Julie Kim Fisher from F3N UK:

02/07/2020 10:18:36

HELIALARM-X - this weekend

Organisers ask everyone planning to attend the event (including children) to register in advance. Details on the event page.

02/07/2020 10:12:10

This "HOT" section just launched

Previously it was reported how the Facebook, our primary newsfeed channel has changed. This is the first measure to replace it. The most important and hottest news pop up here from now on.

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