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18 June 2024

This is the Spirit Wave system

The eagerly anticipated new RX-TX system is almost out. But what is it, and what sould you expect from this new system? It is an open secret that the Spirit Wave aims to challenge Mikado's VBar ecosystem. This is what we know so far.

This is the Spirit Wave system

First news about Tomáš Spirit's new system dates far back, but now it's the reality in Beta phase. The system was introduced and presented at Helifest last weekend. Adam De-Maine talks a lot about the radio and receiver combo in this interview. If you want to know more about the details, just watch it.

The transmitter itself is very comfortable, it fits in hands perfectly, the side grips are very convenient providing a slip-free feel. Sticks are well positioned, it can be good or bad - depending on your sensitivity - those sticks are pretty spiky, so they wont slip for "thumb" flyers. The tension of the gimbals is surprisingly strong, but it's not disturbing, it's a matter of time to get used to it. In summary the radio is very comfortable, although it feels slightly smaller in dimensions than the concurrent VBar models.

It has a significant weight, even though we checked the plastic version, the pro version will have an aluminium case, which will be about 200 grams heavier. In general the transmitter feels robust, it's free of any cheapness. Unfortunately this is visible on the price tag as well. It's not confirmed, but the standard version will be €999 (excluding taxes), whilst the pro edition will cost €1399 plus taxes.

As being discussed earlier, the Spirit Wave is primarily aiming the market and users of VBar, the whole concept is very similar, although few personal, model related options are stored in the transmitter's memory instead of the FBL controller.

Release date is not announced, preorder will launch in July.