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24 November 2023

OMP Hobby M7 price is €799?
UPDATE - Spoiler: it is not

There's a price which leaked recently: €799. This price includes the OMP Hobby M7 kit with main blades - including Mehrwertsteuer, a.k.a. VAT. The new OMP Hobby model, the M7 can be preordered now.

OMP Hobby M7 price is €799?
OMP Hobby M7 / credit: Jonas Wackershauser

It's November, so it cannot be a joke, and this price including the rotor blades is a very competitive price in this class. The helicopter is in a very good development state, although the final release date is now known yet. In fact the model is already competing at Thailand Heli Blowout 2023, so it can be considered done and ready to go.

However, this price was not published officially by OMP Hobby or retailers, but it's publically seen at model-hubscrauber.at, and even the shopping trolley is green, so technically it can be ordered for this price. Therefore, either this price is a mistake by the shop and it's not correct, or publishing the price was a bit early. Due to Thailand Heli Blowout we cannot get the price confirmed by OMP Hobby now, after the event Jonas Wackershauser will be asked to confirm or correct this information.

If this price is correct, then it's definitely one of the best prices for a 700 size kit and it will be challenging for other brands - not to forget OMP Hobby produces quality, professional models in smaller sizes.


Just after publishing this article, we have got the information that Jonas Wackershauser already denied this price, as the helicopter has no price yet. The published webpage of the retailer is incorrect. And to be honest the price was to nice to be true - this is like a scam. Considering that just the RotorTech 715 blades cost 165 euro, the price was suspiciously cheap.

Jonas Wackershauser expressed that in a German forum:

The helicopter is a prototype. There is no official price from us because the product is not even finished yet. Where do these reputable dealers get their prices from?

Maybe it's the time to abandon incorrect retailers...

Features of the OMPHOBBY M7

  • All new 700 size helicopter from OMPHOBBY
  • Designed by Jonas Wackershauser
  • Large control throws on all axes provide tremendous authority and maneuverability
  • Ball bearing supported spindle shaft pivot for precise rotor phase alignment and crisp collective authority
  • Possible blade lengths up to 715mm + 116mm
  • RotorTech 700 Ultimate + RotorTech 106 Ultimate, the best performing 700 blades on the market, included with the kit
  • Motor mount with special coaxiality flange allows for easy gear meshing
  • Molded 3D carbon fiber lower frame with integrated battery rails
  • Innovative helical belt tensioner system, not needing any tools for adjustment from loose to tight
  • Highest grade 7075 aluminium on all moving parts
  • Canopy quick release connectors installed by default
  • Quick release dual-lock battery system
  • Vibration isolating FBL platform with optional mass damper
  • Multiple available gear ratios from 10.90:1 to 8:1
  • Convenient and clean wiring paths across the entire helicopter
  • Dual row ball bearings in critical components guarantee highest precision and longevity
  • Specially made servo spacers and nuts guarantee effortless and perfectly square servo mounting
  • Turnbuckles with wrench hole allow for easy setup, adjustment and tracking
  • Rotation-plane matched yaw control pivots provide minimal linearity error
  • Blade grips feature integrated steel bushings to retain the specially designed blade spacers and reduce wear
  • 15mm sprag clutch for secure power transfer
  • Highly engineered ball joints provide maximum flight safety and butter smooth ball link operation
  • Easily accessible screws across the entire heli provide effortless maintenance
  • Large diameter strutless carbon tailboom
  • Steep tail transmission ratio for exceptional tail authority at any RPM
  • Large drive pulleys with an 8mm wide belt ensure secure power transfer to the tail rotor
  • One-piece, CNC-machined aluminium tail housing for unparalleled precision
  • Long-throw tail rotor design with integrated dynamic weights guarantees maximum precision and unparalleled tail control

OMP Hobby M7 price is €799?