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23 November 2023

Dunkan Bossion joins Goosky

Dunkan Bossion just announced that he continues with Goosky. This is definitely a big step change for the company, and a big opportunity for the legendary French pilot. Dunkan is famous for his entertaining attitude and great piloting knowledge.

Dunkan Bossion joins Goosky

The Chinese manufacturer has got an ACE - announced just now by Dunkan himself. Dunkan Bossion is one of the most known and well respected character of the RC helicopter sport. He has been competing for more than a decade, and he has been the judge at many famous competitions - including Global 3D multiple times. 

He said about this move

I always wanted to work with a company that believe in my idea to make the best helicopter in the world and want to grow the Heli community as much as I would love to.

As we reported before, Dunkan has left his former partner SAB Heli Division after a long running relationship earlier this month. And now even the reason is unveiled.