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11 November 2023

New XLPower heli for an old heli?

XLPower just started the heli recycle programme. You can get a brand new XLPower helicopter for a very good price when you recycle your old model from any brand.

New XLPower heli for an old heli?

Kenny Ko and Nick Maxwell announced the programme started at XLPower. Until end of December you can get 35-40% discount on XLPower models, when you send your old model to the distributor. For example: any nitro model can be exchanged to a new Specter 700V2 Nitro on a very bargain price: instead of 985 USD, the price is 640 USD. But the program includes even the 380 size models: A 380 model can be exchanged to a new Protos 380.

This is how XLPower tries to refresh the market, and how the company tries to engage RC heli pilots struggling to buy new models instead of the old ones. As they stated:

XL Power understands the helicopter hobby moves quickly and flyers all around the world may have helicopters that have become hard to get parts for, a heli that was crashed so badly its not worth it to fix, and that the used heli market is hard to get what you have invested in a heli time and value wise. 

If you are interested, contact an XLPower dealer for the details:

The full list of the dealers is available on the XLPower website.