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12 June 2023

Helifest opens this Friday

The famous Helifest in the United Kingdom will be taken place this weekend. Preparations for the event are already happening. Not to forget Helifest is celebrating the 10 years anniversary now. This is what to expect this year.

Helifest opens this Friday

Weston Park Model Air Show 2023 will be held on the weekend which is normally hosting Helifest as well. This is not different in 2023 either, Helifest - as usual - will be on the weekend with Weston Park Model Air Show in Weston Park, not far from Telford.

The weather forecasts don't predict rain for the weekend, which is not too common there - it's known rule: "you must have your boots". Probably, not this time. Friday will be sunny and calm, Saturday will be a bit more cloudy with some bright spells. Sunday is expected to be a little bit windy with about 20 kts gusts in the afternoon. With other words: the weather is expected to be great for visiting Helifest.

The flight line and the tents are being prepared in these days. Helifest published pictures about them.

And who will be there?

Almost all known UK pilots will attend Helifest. Two major RC helicopter dealers, ATModels and Hely-shop already announced their overseas pilots, therefore Nick Maxwell from the US, Robin Lipke and Henrik Clausen from Germany will be at ATModels, whilst Gabrielle Rowere, Raquel Bellot from Spain and Cédric Melens from Belgium are hosted by Hely-shop.

Weston Park Model Air Show

The final timeline of the Weston Park Model Air Show just published.