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16 April 2023

Connection issues with the new VBar Evo

The latest model of the VBar Control series was released recently. Since then this is the second detected issue, although this one is far less critical then the previous one, which required immediate intervention from Micado.

Connection issues with the new VBar Evo

Mikado published an important warning on 17th March about a possible scenario in which case the the main PCBs in the transmitter could touch the speaker causing a short circuit. That issue was resolved quickly with a fixing kit. 

This time the problem is much more annoying and not dangerous. In some situations the transmitter is unable to connect to the PC via USB port. In our experience Windows 10 is affected. As far as we know, Windows 11 did not produce this issue. As Mikado described the issue, the USB communication establishing process keeps resetting in these cases preventing the computer to negotiate the communication speed with the transmitter. Mikado is already working on the fix, as it's expected a software update will be able to fix the issue.

If your transmitter is unable to connect to your PC, it does not mean, your device is faulty, the problem is known and the fix is in progress.