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14 April 2023

Prices and details of Align TN70 published

The new Align TN70 is unquestionably coming, and it's coming in more versions like the previous release the TB70. The Align Corp. published the accessory list of the combo version and the retail prices of the new TN70 versions in their most recent posts.

Two versions are announced: the RH70N36XT Kit and the RH70N31XT Top Combo.

The kit version will arrive with the airframe, 690 mm Align blades and 105 mm Align tail blades. The Align 105 pipe also included. And the package will contain a BeastX governor sensor as well.

The top combo will contain everything required for the helicopter - apart from the transmitter (and appropriate receiver), and the BEC battery. On top of the kit accessories, there will be 3 × Align DS830M HV cyclic servos (which were announced just days earlier), the new Align DS835M HV tail servo, a DS530 throttle servo, Align B6M 2 in 1 voltage regulator, an O.S. Max 105HZ engine and even a Microbeast FBL system.

This model resembles to the TB70, however, there are conceptional differences: it has torque tube tail drive instead of the belt drive, and the well known main gear, autorotation gear concept returned in this edition. The main frame is more T-Rex 700 than TB70, even the cyclic servo layout differs from its TB70 counterpart. The TN70 is a significantly different model.

The Kit version will cost 899.99 USD, whilst the full Top Combo is going to be 1999.99 USD. These prices exclude taxes.

Prices and details of Align TN70 published