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07 April 2023

RB1-RC celebrates seventh anniversary

RB1-RC is now 7 years old. The Spanish company is one of the key companies in the EU, especially with SoXos and 1st products. They do a lot for supporting the hobby and to keep it alive.

The company was founded by Raquel Bellot - one of the very few ladies in the hobby - who was already a well known member of the hobby at that time, she's been a constant character of all major RC helicopter events especially in Europe for many years even then when the company was founded.

Heli Smack Down 2010 / Raquel is at 4:25

Her commitment to the hobby is unquestionable, she's running RB1-RC beyond a simple business, the company is more a mission. Hopefully she and her business will remain as for many more years.