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18 March 2023

Dubai Masters 2023 - Saturday results

Dubai Masters is happening now, throughout this weekend. And Saturday is over. The competition is exciting, current results are really surprising.

Dubai Masters 2023 - Saturday results
The podium on Saturday / Source: XLPower

Well, these results are not surprising from all aspects, but definitely not a paper-form. Currently Peter Hsiao is the 5th, Sakkarin CD Konghton is the 4th, Kan Ponnooi has got the 3rd place, Nick Maxwell is the 2nd, and Kenny Ko is the first after today, consequently they are the finalists. With these results, XLPower and Egodrift dominated the podium on Saturday.

Surprisingly neither Luca Pescante nor Mirko Cesena could get into the final. Luca finished at the 7th, Mirko got the 10th place. Vava Boonmala just missed the final, he was the 6th today.