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03 March 2023

Midland Helicopters release a mobile app

Perhaps Midland Helicopters is the first company in the hobby releasing mobile application for the shopping. The new mobile application is available on iPhone and Android as well.

Midland Helicopters release a mobile app

As far as we know, Midland Helicopters is the first RC helicopter shop, which created and released a mobile application to make life easier. We tested the android version of this application briefly in the afternoon, just before the official release, and it's pretty good. Search is working smoothly, and returns with quite accurate results even when the search expression is not necessarily matching the original product or spare part name. And it's quick indeed, much quicker than to surf on a website. All information necessary is displayed, it's simple and clear.

It provides even more benefits:

  • Of course: easy searching and ordering
  • Users can remain logged in
  • Accessing personal things, like order history is quick and simple
  • We haven't seen yet, but it supports push notifications, so users can get notified about fresh arrivals, sales and other useful shop messages

The application is available on Android and iPhone.