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03 March 2023

Kyle Dahl's announcement about GLogo

This is real customer care. As key spare parts of Mikado GLogo 690 ran out of stock, and it's not seem when they will be be available again, if they will be back at, all Kyle decided to manage the situation to keep these models working. His announcement without any changes.

Kyle Dahl's announcement about GLogo
The Glogo 690 designed by Kyle Dahl / photo credit: Kyle Dahl

Small Announcement regarding the Glogo 690

As a brief trip down memory lane, and for those who do not know.

I first designed the Glogo 690 in 2015 almost 8 years ago now. It was a fun project I did on the side, and actually with the help of Georges we got the first prototypes made and tested. in 2017. The design used some Synergy parts inside with the help of Matt Botos which allowed me to use his designs. At this point I took the design to Mikado and offered to partner with them to have it produced. The model was debuted at Global 3D and began selling in 2018. Since that time the production and sales of the kit and spare parts has been handled by Mikado.

It came to my attention that some key Glogo parts have gone out of stock, with no indication of when they would be coming back into stock, also Synergy substitutes are out of stock.

Since the Glogo was my project originally, and I still care about it, and I care about the customers who invested into and supported the helicopter. I found myself compelled, and in a position to do something about it. Since I still own the IP of the part files, I took it upon myself to have the missing parts manufactured on my own dime under my side brand TRIGON, and will be offering them in an effort to keep the heli going and active on the market.

If more parts go out of stock, I will do my best to continue re-manufacturing them as spare parts.

Mikado USA will be stocking them in the USA, and I will look for a private partner in Europe / UK who can hold on to some stock. In the mean time, if you need the missing parts (clutch / start shaft / clutch bell) feel free to send me a message here to discuss options.

Happy Flying,

Kyle Dahl