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02 March 2023

Rotor Live next weekend

Rotor Live 2023 is around the corner: the major German event of Rotor Magazine will be taken place next weekend in Iffezheim, This is the event of the year, which is opening the season of the year, and where companies are presenting their newest products.

Rotor Live next weekend

It's time to check what are the new products which will be seen first time there by the public.

OMPHobby M4

Yes, the direct drive M4 380 class helicopter will debut at Rotor Live. Jonas Wackershauser informed us, all variations will be presented and can be seen in Iffezheim.

Sunnysky Master Series motors

Sunnysky enters the top motor market of RC helicopters their intention is to compete with the big, traditional brands. The company sounds unfamiliar for most, but this company is manufacturing all direct drive motors for OMPHobby helicopters. 

NiTron 90

Tronhelicopters will be presenting the new NiTron 90 at Rotor Live. As the company promised, shortly after they will begin delivering the model to the dealers, and this model will be available by beginning of April.

Interceptor 600

The new gasser model from Miniature Aircraft will also be introduced to the public there.

Many brands will be presented at Rotor Live as usual, and much more to be expected in Iffezheim. These products just the few we picked up from the list. Returning of the event was a long anticipated thing for many of us.

Stay tuned, we are planning to report from the venue...