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02 March 2023

Jamie Robertson becomes Goosky brand ambassador

Jamie Robertson will be the brand ambassador of Goosky - announced on Facebook. Goosky is strengthening with a big name by this step.

Not necessary that everybody knows, who Jamie Robertson is, because Jamie was off the hobby in the past couple of years, but it does not mean he is a newbie, or an upcoming pilot in the hobby. Jamie is one of the most famous characters in the hobby, he was competing with such pilots as Kyle Dahl, Dunkan Bossion, Tareq Alsaadi and he wasn't bad at all. For example he finished at the 6th place out of 27 in the Masters class of 3D Masters 2012, where Dunkan Bossion got the 4th place and Kyle Dahl was the first, Nick Maxwell finished at the 10th place. 

Jamie Robertson joins Team Goosky, which is a big achievement of the Chinese Brand.