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26 February 2023

GDU S400 professional drone demo

The GDU S400 arrived. The flagship of the Chinese Global Done Union, the GDU Tech Co. Ltd, presented the taste of capabilities provided by the S400.

GDU S400 professional drone demo
Photos: Miklós Horváth/ click for more...

GDU Tech was founded in 2015, and many drones are related to their name. Like the first sliding arm drone, the O2 was released by the company in 2017. The latest flagship of this company is the S400 drone, which is made specifically for professional purposes and they chose no less opponent than DJI Matrice.

The drone itself provides some interesting and unique services, such as "Relay communication" - in which case with an intermediate station or drone, it can fly outside the signal range - or, for example, the officially over one hour flight time. Of course, the device itself has a bunch of sensors, so it can operate well in more complicated circumstances. Although it has a useful load capacity up to 3kg only, it can carry that up to 5000 metres.

What's interesting is a multitude of installed equipment offered by the factory. Among other things, the 1K resolution dual sensor thermal camera or the 8K camera, for example, it has a drop module to deliver 4 separate packages in one flight.

In addition, devices can be combined with each other, like the drop module can be used with an infrared camera.

Definitely not hobby users are the primary target, its base price is around 14,000 euros, each component sold separate, which sometimes reach even € 25,000. However industrial users can find a very good, multi purpose UAS by purchasing GDU S400.

GDU S400 professional drone demo