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26 February 2023

Huge plan, great fun fly down under

And yes, when we wrote huge, we meant huge... as it is planned down under. Not a typical, weekend long fun fly will be taken place in Australia next year, instead something different, something like a real grand prix.

Huge plan, great fun fly down under

The Rebels Fun Fly is already famous, it's among the world-known events, it's in the same group with the major ones, but Matt Tucker and the guys thought a big one over there, and they want to make it even bigger. To be honest with the announced prize pool this is very likely, because 40k Australian dollars is equivalent with 27 thousand in US dollars, a bit more than 25 thousand euro or 22 and a half grand in the good old British pounds. With other words, it's a lot of money. And this is the prize pool announced last night, which will be split among the first three pilots in form of 25k - 10k - 5k prizes. 

If this one cannot motivate the pro pilots to attend, than it's unknown what else could. This is why the number of the pilots is limited to 25, and this is why only pro pilots can contest.

But the Rebels Fun Fly is a fun fly, so not just the contestants can fly there for five days, MAAA registered pilots, also international pilots with MAAA passes also can fly in form of the fun fly. And still if you don't want to fly there, it's the best is to see the bests of the bests flying right over there. Because it's definitely going to be a very loud, big bang down under.

Stay tuned, we follow the news...