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17 February 2023

Sanctioned RC heli life - how is it?

This website is as far from politics as possible, and this should not be different even now, but we all are interested to know, how RC helicopter world has changed in Russia because of the Western sanctions, how much RC helicopter pilots are affected in the East.

Sanctioned RC heli life - how is it?
Credit: Dmitry Dvorko / click for more...

Dmitry Dvorko is a member of the Russian RC heli community, he talked about the RC life  in Russia nowadays. As he said, obviously not everything is the same as it was before, but fortunately the life in this regards, hasn't changed too much, and they are still able to operate as usual, although they have to face few challenges.

Dmitry told us:

As for hobbies, everything is fine in principle.  

Ordering spare parts, kits from Europe is difficult, but majority of the products are manufactured in Asia, which part of the world is not sanctioning Russia, therefore even European or other brands are still available for them, just they have to order from their Chinese friends now. 

Regulations did not change in principles, therefore RC modelling is still legal as a whole, although there are few restrictions introduced in the recent times. These restrictions are mostly widened or newly introduced forbidden areas for RC flying, therefore the are forced to pursue the hobby further out from the areas they were before. Luckily Russia is enough large to find alternative and still legal locations.

Generally, the sanctions over Russia don't restrict the local RC helicopter life, they just alternate things a little.

Dmitry is still posting from Russia, he is running a YouTube channel and he is still posting on Facebook. And as Russia is one of the main helicopter developer countries, they are flying pretty well there.

Sanctioned RC heli life - how is it?