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27 January 2023

Mikado VBar Evo in stocks within days

What more, the very first transmitters arrived already. Further variations and receiver/FBL combos are on their ways to the shops, therefore pre-orders will be fulfilled in the next couple of days.

Mikado VBar Evo in stocks within days

As we reported in November, last year Mikado launched the next edition of the famous VBar Touch & Neo combo - the Mikado VBar Evo system.

The new transmitter will be available in 11 colour variations, all will be available with tray as well excluding the black and a colour variations. The new VBar Evo Receiver/FBL will be available in classic Mikado blue.

The first transmitters arrived to the retailers in Europe. In the continent Live-hobby.de was among the firsts stocking up with the new Evo system, whilst Midland Helicopters was the first shop in the UK which already received the first few items, perhaps ATModels will be the next. No information about more retailers selling the system in the UK. 

The system will arrive to the United States soon, not even Mikado USA stocked the products yet.

Despite that the official dealer is Perth RC in Australia, not even prices published yet, although few variations are in the webshop already. Mikado Asia listed the new VBar Evo system, but it's still in pre-order.