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26 January 2023

New joiner at Tronhelicopters

Tronhelicopters reported that they welcome their new joiner on the team. And the new joiner is a very big surprise, as he was a key member of his previous team for long.

The new joiner is the "veteran" Peter Hsiao, former Team Gaui pilot. Peter is in the hobby for long time, he is an active competition pilot for more than a decade. Peter Hsiao has flown at Global 3D 2019 in Masters class and Speed cup as well. He has finished at 13th place in Masters class and he has got the 5th place in the Speed cup. Unfortunately he had to skip the next Global in 2022, which took place at the end of the pandemic.

More important achievements of Peter Hsiao

  • 1st at 2017 GLOBAL 3D Expert Class
  • 7th at FAI World Air Games Dubai 2015
  • 1st at 2015 3DX Asia Pacific Expert Class
  • 1st at 2015 3DX Asia Pacific Speed Cup
  • 3rd at 2015 FAI F3N World Championship
  • 4th at 3Dcup 2015 World Edition 3D Challengers class
  • 3rd at 3DX Asia Pacific International Class 2014
  • 9th at 2014 Heli Masters Advanced Class
  • 4th at 2014 F3C 4th Place
  • 3rd at 3DX Asia Pacific Expert Class 2013
  • 5th at 2013 F3C
  • 1st at RC heli Smack Down 2013 Expert