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20 January 2023

OXY Flash to arrive soon

Fresh details about the OXY Flash helicopter from OXY Helicopter just announced this morning. The newest model of OXY Helicopter, the OXY Flash will be in the shops in weeks. This model will be the largest OXY helicopter.

OXY Flash to arrive soon

There were bits and pieces about the OXY Flash before, but OXY Helicopter just published many details about this helicopter. 

The new OXY Flash is in the 700 class range, although, factory pilots more like it with 685 mm blades. Officially the maximum blade size is 700 mm. The empty kit is pretty lightweight, it's under 2 kg, the take-off wight will be between 4 and 5 kilograms depending on the configuration. Motor size is up from 4030, therefore the helicopter can fly with both 6 or 12 cells configurations. The standard kit comes with 11T pinion and 125T main gear, which is perfect for the 1800-1900 RPM range. For higher RPMS there will be optional 12T, 13T and 14T motor pinions available. The tail ratio is also configurable, 90T drives a 18T tail pulley as standard version, and 19T, 20T will be options too.

The standard retail price in the United States is $899 (ex. tax).

The OXY Flash is in the last testing phase, manuals and packaging are being verified right at the moment. The helicopter will be released in February.