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20 January 2023

Great opportunity at AccuRC

Are you a software or a game developer? Do you want to play a key role at AccuRC? Then AccuRC wants to hear about you. The company has a position available on the core team.

Great opportunity at AccuRC

If you are an RC helicopter enthusiast and a game or software developer at the same time, and you have the skills required for this role, then this is your dream opportunity: working on one of the leading simulator software, AccuRC, and being member of the core team, if you fit for a position. You may need to have:

  • Solid C, C++, Python knowledge
  • Microsoft Unity Framework expertise
  • Proven game development experience
  • Deep understanding software development workflows
  • Steam platform skills

For further details about this opportunity, please contact AccuRC via the website, via support@accurcsimulator.com or via Facebook chat.