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19 January 2023

Gábor Szalontay joins Team Midland

Gábor Szalontay just joined Team Midland, the team of Midland Helicopters in the United Kingdom. This is a very heart-warming news to us, because Gábor is working with the team of rchelicopterhub.com as well, he is a great contributor of us.

Gábor Szalontay joins Team Midland

As Midland Helicopters wrote in the announcement on Facebook earlier:

Gabor has a very active presence on social media, supporting many customers across Europe and beyond mostly via the website www.rchelicopterhub.com to which Gabor is a major contributor
He has been flying RC Helicopters for 5 years and as of 2021 is now supported also by 360 RC with the Align T-Rex 760X.

Well done Gábor, you deserve this recognition. We are very happy for Gábor and Team Midland, we wish them good luck for their cooperation.