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17 January 2023

Miniature Aircraft to present Interceptor 600 at Rotor Live

The long anticipated Rotor Live weekend is approaching. This is that event of the year where many companies are presenting their new products for the flying season. The new Interceptor 600 by Miniature Aircraft will be one of them this year,

Miniature Aircraft to present Interceptor 600 at Rotor Live

The new Interceptor 600 gasser is one of the new models to be presented in Iffezheim, Germany at Rotor Live 2023 on 11-12 March. This helicopter is designed for petrol engines, and this is why it's exciting, especially for the European Market.

As it's known, the nitromethane fuel is strictly regulated by now in the EU, higher nitro volume which would be suitable for RC helicopters is simply banned, therefore the only real power source apparently there is the electric motor. Gasser (petrol) helicopters are not widely manufactured, the gasser variant of most models are only available via conversion kits manufactured separately. 

Gassers designed for petrol engines can take over from nitro models in Europe, therefore the announcement and the future presentation of the Interceptor 600 at Rotor Live can more important than many others. Even though nitro fuels for helicopters are still available elsewhere, the Interceptor 600 can have a great career path in the rest of the world as well, because flying with a gasser helicopter is much cheaper than its nitro counterparts due to high prices of nitromethane fuel.