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16 January 2023

Do you know what the gold sticker means?

New Scorpion Tribunus ESCs have one more thing in common - among many others, but this is a particular one: a gold sticker on them. And the meaning of these stickers are now revealed by Scorpion. Here is what they represent.

A usual QC (aka Quality Control) has three standard steps to make sure the product itself is working and free of any defects. This is what Scorpion Power System has extended with two more steps, and applies on all Tribunus ESCs. This is how Scorpion wants to guarantee that only flawless ESCs could be delivered to the customers.  

In the 4th step Scorpion updates the firmware to the latest version, and performs a stress test on the BEC along with a no load RPM test.

In the 5th and final step these ESCs have to go though a real life like test, where they have to pass a high current draw test for an extended time period on a test stand. 

These five steps make sure,  the products customers receive from Scorpion are the highest quality products possible and everything is working perfectly even in real circumstances.

The New Gold Sticker represents that the ESC has passed all these five steps, and you can use and fly it with absolute confidence - Kyle Dahl informed us and posted by Scorpion Power System.