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14 January 2023

Align TB70 to arrive soon

The Chinese New Year is rapidly coming, and it seems, Align worked around the clock to release the new TB70 before the holiday season. The new Align TB70 is about to arrive to the dealers. The Taiwan company just announced the release of the new helicopter along with few more never seen details.

It was suspected the helicopter is on its way, because retail prices of the UK were not released until yesterday, and we were informed earlier, they will be published when the helicopter will finally be released. It was not a secret therefore, this announcement can happen anytime in these days.

The Chinese New Year will be on 22 January, companies in both China and Taiwan will go on holiday in the next two weeks, consequently what did not happen this week, won't happen until end of January. The Align TB70 release is not one of these things, it happened in the last moment before the New Year season. 

Along with this announcement Align just published few close details through the marketing materials, and everyone can now see, how the helicopter builds up. There are details about the belt tensioning, the drive train, the swash plate, and literally everything in the helicopter. 

Dimensions, final specifications are also published. Now these helicopters have to arrive to the dealers, then they can land at their new owners.

Align TB70 to arrive soon