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11 January 2023

Answer of Omphobby: M4 - Sky is calling

This is the answer of Omphobby for the challenge in the mid size class: OMP M4. The first 380 class model from Omphobby is on its way. This helicopter will be the company's next and largest helicopter model to date.

Answer of Omphobby:  M4 - Sky is calling
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Omphobby just announced the new OMP M4 helicopter. This model will be a 380 class model with excellent flying capabilities. This helicopter is a direct drive model with belt tail. From many other aspects the model has many mutual parameters with the smaller OMP helicopters to continue the well known OMP way.

The model is designed by Jonas Wackershauser. Alongside this helicopter, he designed the RotorTech Ultimate rotor blades, and he is one of the key people behind AccuRC, therefore his knowledge and experience guarantees that the model will be a very good construction indeed.

Jonas was keen to answer our questions about the new model. He said about the new OMP M4 briefly:

Large pitch range main rotor design for extreme control power in any situation, ±14° collective pitch with ±14° cyclic pitch possible
High precision, long throw tail mechanics for easy setup, precise control and virtually unlimited tail power.


These are among the keys provided by the new M4. On top of everything, the helicopter will utilise the newer, HV battery system for a better performance. 

This is the answer of Omphobby to recent models in this class from competitors. 

Also a key question: "how much will the OMP M4 be?". The price is surprisingly good - perhaps the best - compared to other options with similar configurations - the PNP version is $499, which is far the nicest price tag in the class for this configuration. For this price we will get: ESC, motor, servos and blades - along with the helicopter.

The kit is $349 and includes the helicopter, the blades and the motor. 

And there's still one more reason next to this helicopter which has to be highlighted: Omphobby is a long running company with high reliability and good reputation. When you buy an Omphobby model, you don't buy the risk of not being able to buy spare parts for your model later.



Answer of Omphobby: M4 - Sky is calling