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08 January 2023

XLPower Protos for four years today

On this day four years ago, XLPower announced that the MSH Protos continues under XLPower flags. And they kept the promise, the MSH - XLPower marriage is still running well. With this step the old MSH Protos models are among the longest running model series.

If a model pilot purchased an MSH model almost a decade ago, it is possible to keep it flying today. And what else makes a model valuable than the fact: it is still possible to keep it in the air without any serious spare part fears. This fact raised the MSH/XLPower models among the most reliable and most valuable models.

After a quick check it can be declared, almost all parts are available at retailers for the MSH/XLPower models despite that, the very first MSH models are about 10 years old, and even the very first XLPower variants are getting to the age of four soon. If something is not available, most likely it's on back order. Surprisingly even the Protos 380 is available, which was the very first model manufactured by XLPower right after the acquisition - although not all variants are on the webshop lists.

Spare parts availability is also satisfying, therefore these models are still among the best choices for beginner purposes. What more, the smaller models are still well recommended as first helicopters not just because of their prices, capabilities, and ideal dimensions for learning purposes, although these aspects are also very important. But if the trouble kicks in, and the model crashes, it's good to know, there are widely available spare parts and their prices also in the affordable range.