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31 December 2022

Prices of TB70 revealed

Align revealed the prices of the new TB70 variations yesterday in form of Facebook comment. This is a very unusual form of disclosing such important information, but let's consider them as official announcements.

Prices of TB70 revealed

The RH70E61XT TB70 Kit is $939, the RH70E56XT TB70 Super Combo is $1599.99 and the RH70E52XT TB70 Top Combo is $1888.99 officially at Align Corporation. Although these prices are only displayed in comments, no information about prices of the new model on the official website or in any other form considered official. These prices don't include any taxes as usual.

European prices are not seen yet - apart from freakware.de. Freakware.de priced the kit at €1049.83, the super combo at €1936.95  and the top combo at €2109.73. The euro prices include all taxes as it's common in the EU.

UK prices are not finalised yet, there won't be final prices until the first shipped batch by Align. Retail prices will be calculated then due to hectic USD/GBP exchange rates and shipping costs. UK price of the top combo is expected around £1600, whilst the super combo is expected under £1400. The top combo will also be available in the UK, however, it is not decided whether the super combo or the kit will be available at all. These prices also include all taxes.