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30 December 2022

Iconic models from SAB to be back

SAB announced earlier today that three iconic models from SAB history will be back in production in a limited quantity. SAB celebrate their first decade this way.

These three models, the SG700 SAB Goblin 700, the SG714 SAB Goblin Black Thunder 700 and the SG713 SAB Goblin Black Nitro 700 were historic models indeed, and they influenced the whole RC helicopter industry a lot.

50 kits with progressive numbering will be released from each model, therefore all 150 kits will be definitely unique. Release and pre-ordered availability will be in January,

And there's no reason to worry about the spare parts for these kits - and perhaps this is a good news for old model owners as well - SAB just decided to put the spare parts of these models back into production.

It's sad, the SG740 SAB Goblin Kraken - the original Kraken - is not on the list, although it should be there, because that model has affected the market as much as the previous three models if not more. But SAB decided differently.