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29 December 2022

Align TB70 on the home stretch

We are almost there... not yet, but very close to the finish line. The marketing team at Align is working hard to keep the excitement high. They are releasing bits and pieces about the new model, but no whole story yet, consequently interested people are hungry for all data available.

Align TB70 on the home stretch

What's known so far: there will be three variations: a kit, a super combo and a top combo. The kit is a generic kit includes the airframe, the main blades and the tail blades, a 23T and a 24T motor pinion, and a 850MX motor.

The super combo is targeting the sport 3D flyers, therefore the box will include the 850MX 490kV/4535 motor, DS820M cyclic and DS825M rudder servo, and a 130A ESC. The specification reads that the RPM is 2290, which is way too high for sport flying by our opinion, but if the tail has enough authority at lower RPM, no need to use the maximum RPM.

The top combo is the hard 3D variation. The ESC is a 200A Align controller instead of the 130A, and the motor is a bit stronger one; the 850MX 540kV/4535 Align motor. With the included 22T pinion this will reach the 2400RPM. 

The super and the top combo variations won't include any FBL controller - which was part of the super combo variations a few years ago, but FBL controllers are not parts of the super combos at the recent models.

Freakware.de listed all three versions in the webshop with price specified but these prices are not confirmed anywhere else, it is possible they were guessing and they listed the three variations (RH70E61XT T-REX TB70 Kit, RH70E56XT T-REX TB70 Super Combo, RH70E52XT T-REX TB70 Top Combo) just to get indexed among the first shops by search engines. Suspiciously the prices are very similar to the prices of T-Rex 760 variations. No official prices yet.

So far two things are missing: official prices and the release date - although there are gossips about 10th January, 2023, but this information is not confirmed either.