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27 December 2022

More info from Align about TB70

Align just published the first official video about the new TB70 helicopter. The flying part is not new, but the first minute of this video shares some details about the planned production release.

First and most important: the contents of the Top Combo version are now official and public. Of course the box will include the airframe itself with the Align 700 mm blades and 105 mm tail blades, and an Align MX850 490kV motor will be in the box next to the helicopter.

Align will put DS820M servos for the cyclic control and DS850M servo for the tail control. The Align 200A ESC will be provided in the box - most likely this is the OEM version of the HobbyWing 200A Platinum ESC.

Interestingly an Align 12S 5200mAh battery is also listed as part of the package.

Price is not published yet, as the helicopter is not listed in the Align webshop or on the website either, but there is a key info - the item number: RH70E52XT

This means that the helicopter will be available very soon.