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13 December 2022

Goosky unveils RS4 prices - mixed reactions resulted

The long anticipated prices of the new RS4 variations are out by now. It was known earlier; the helicopter will arrive to shops in January, social media was flooded by this model, but prices were secret until this morning.

Goosky unveils RS4 prices - mixed reactions resulted

Goosky officially announced retail prices of the new Goosky Legend RS4 helicopters this morning, shortly after the prices turned up at a webshop. It is unclear whether the move was intentional or an accident, but it is definitely unusual to present prices at the retailers before they are announced officially by the manufacturer. If the campaign is understood well, then Goosky tried to keep the excitement up as long as possible before prices got announced to get many people interested in future shopping without even caring about the price.

The last step of this process was a survey circulated among RC heli people in the last two days, to measure demands which was still happening with no prices. Reactions were mostly positive, demands seemed satisfying, although some were missing the prices from the survey.

Based on the official announcement this morning, the new Goosky Legend RS4 PnP version will be $699, whilst the kit version is offered at $619 (taxes excluded). Although these version names are misleading, because the PnP version is not PnP, it is more a super combo, because the helicopter will arrive as a not assembled product, albeit the box will contain everything necessary excluding the transmitter-receiver pair. The kit is not a traditional kit either, it is more a combo set which will contain servos, motor, battery and blades; compared to the full version just the FBL controller, the ESC and the Bluetooth module won't be included.

Reception of these prices are mixed rather than unconditionally positive. Surely, many expected a lower if not a much lower retail price considering that the company is still a newbie in the market. And these prices indicate that "this model has to offer something extraordinary compared to competitors, otherwise there are better price/value options available in the 380 class" - as it's said by many.

No doubt, the new Goosky helicopter is not cheap at all, perhaps the most expensive model among the 380 models, but it is also unfair to compare the price of either the full or the "kit" versions to other kits not containing the same or similar accessories and components. Nevertheless the super combo or combo deals are much more comparable, and no doubt either these prices are in the high range indeed. What the average hobby pilot can get for this money is another question and remains unclear until the first models will arrive. The answer has to wait until the first experiences.

Certainly Goosky has got a very challenging situation with this pricing, even so the current model prices of others don't reflect recent inflations yet and we expect also that the prices will increase with other brands soon to cover increased costs. However unless the model provides something special this helicopter is not going to be the first choice of beginners, this will be more of a second model for advanced and committed pilots.

The only way to know the answer is to order one and test it, instead of listening to rumours, therefore we are waiting for our one from Goosky.